* If you are used to dine early, please be aware that dinner on Friday will start at 19:45
* Final Numbers – 371 participants – 201 Valkyries/52 Other bikes
* The Dragon Stampede on Saturday will be filmed by a Drone through the main street of Houffalize
* We have, through intercession, selected 17 ‘VRCC Legends’, who will have to prove their worthiness of this title during a small ceremony at the bar on Friday.
* We are working with Pieter and Linda from with their Reverse Valkyrie Trike to show up. To be continued.
* Peter & Ruth from Valkyrieparts are not able to bring their Shop. Short term alternative solutions were unsuccesful. Bummer.
* The Honda F6C production Plant in Japan was struck by an earthquake. Click here with zero deliveries to the EU importer as a result. As a consequence, the 2 Honda GW F6C testride motorcycles are cancelled.
* On Friday, 3 June Memorial Day with VIP’s will be celebrated at Mardisson, the monument in Bastogne. Times for our fotoshoot are postponed therefore. Make sure you are there at 17:00 hrs.
* Miss Universe Belgium 2015, Annelies Toros, has other duties and cannot come as a guest of honour to dinner on Saturday. She wishes us a pleasant meeting.

Hotel Ol Fosse d’Outh
Ol Fosse d’Outh, 1
6660 Houffalize, Belgium
Tel: +32 61 28 88 01
All your hotel arrangements are made by VRCC Lowlands. However, in case you want to get in touch with the hotelmanager for urgent matters directly, please mail to

Due to the high number of participants, there are no more rooms available.

Detailed pics of the hotel  Click here

N50° 07.778′ E5° 47.795′

Google Maps: Click here


Webcam:  Click here

Gas stations and fuel prices Click here

GPS Coordinates for suggested Friday Routes:

Sore Saddle Trip 272 km Tom Tom………Sore Saddle Trip 272 km Garmin
Cozy Coffee Trip 112km Tom Tom……….Cozy Coffee Trip 112km Garmin
Castle Trip 215 km Tom Tom……………..Castle Trip 215 km Garmin

GPS Coördinates for Saturday’s 145 km. ‘Elephant Walk':

First leg Tom Tom……………..First leg Garmin
Second leg Tom Tom…………Second leg Garmin

During Inzane X you can try out two new GW F6C models and one F6B model. Sponsored by Honda Benelux.

What to do:  Click here

War Museum Bastogne-click pic

European Space Center-click pic

Planning a few days extra?
Distance and traveltime:
Brussels – Houffalize 160 km -1h:40
Amsterdam – Houffalize 300 km -3h:20
Calais – Houffalize 360 km -3h:30

Alarm 112


Beer van Huet
Tel +31 492 77 36 61
Mob +31 657 97 59 01

All revenues and profits of the meeting and lottery will be donated to the Centre Medical Heliporte in Bra sur Lienne

Because we modify the Who’s coming list after your advance payment is received, this may take some time. Experience has shown that international IBAN money tranfers can take up to 2 workdays.
Payment with Paypal is also possible at _ Please, pay with ‘friends & family’option

Every participant receives with his/her registration 2 T-shirts, 1 pin en 1 patch. You can order extra, and other merchandise at Merchandise
Please, pay your extra merchandise in advance on the the VRCC bank account. Your extra merchandise will be ready for you at the Inzane X reception desk.

20 Year Valkyrie Anniversary Challenge Coins

During Inzane X, official VRCC Valkyrie Anniversary Challenge Coins will be sold for € 10,- each.
These coins are high quality, heavy, gold plated, heir loom type pieces, the size of a ‘Silver Dollar’.
The coins are also sold at Inzane XVI ‘Morgantown’ in VA, USA.
To maintain exclusiveness, the amount is limited and only attainable for Valkyrie owners.

The border of this country with one of the lowest rates of tax on fuel, alcohol and tobacco in Western Europe is only 11 km away from Houffalize.

View the albums of VRCC Lowlands since 2001 on Albums

If you have any questions during Inzane X, all crewmembers wear these shirts crew


To celebrate the Valkyrie 20th anniversary MCCruise provides a discount of 15% (over ₤ 80,- ) on the GL1500C Valkyrie electronic cruise control by means of a discount code. This offer will remain in effect until the end of Inzane X on June 6, 2016. In addition, you will get approx. ₤ 25,- discount on transportation costs when in total 10 or more kits are ordered. So treat yourself and your Valkyrie for this occasion with a MCCruise set.
Information about the Cruise Control
Get your discount code at

Thank You
We would like to thank the following people:
Alain Letourneur for the Nachtwacht adaptation on the frontpage and the 20 Year Valkyrie design
Robert van Waardenberg for the Inzane X T-shirt illustration
Gale Scalzi and F6Rider Store for the 20 year Valkyrie design adaptation and the Fat Lady Banner
Cynthia -Madoe Design- for the website

The organisation team is looking forward to see you