20 Year Valkyrie Anniversary Challenge Coins

During Inzane X, official VRCC Valkyrie Anniversary Challenge Coins will be sold for € 10,- each.
These coins are high quality, heavy, gold plated, heir loom type pieces, the size of a ‘Silver Dollar’.
The coins are also sold at Inzane XVI ‘Morgantown’ in VA, USA.
To maintain exclusiveness, the amount is limited and only attainable for Valkyrie owners.

T-shirt € 15

(B&C Exact 170 Quality)

T-Shirt with Inzane X Logo
logo 20 yrs2
T-Shirt with 20 Year Valkyrie Logo
logo 20 yrs2

Pin € 5

logo 20 yrs2 Number

Patch € 5

Logo 20 jaar Number


Always wanted to have a Valkyrie banner in your garage? Well, here is your chance. Fat Lady Banner 5' 2" (160cm) from F6Rider Store  Yes No
Price is dependant on the total amount of orders.
One banner costs €60,-
If in total 24 banners are ordered, the price for one banner drops to €30,-
You pay €60,- and will get the discount back at the Inzane X reception desk if sufficient banners are ordered.
Look at the counter how many banners have been ordered.

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Banners can no longer be ordered. The final price for a banner is 32 Euro.


To celebrate the Valkyrie 20th anniversary MCCruise provides a discount of 15% (over ₤ 80,- ) on the GL1500C Valkyrie electronic cruise control by means of a discount code.
This offer will remain in effect until the end of Inzane X on June 6, 2016. In addition, you will get approx. ₤ 25,- discount on transportation costs when in total 10 or more kits are ordered. So treat yourself and your Valkyrie for this occasion with a MCCruise.

Information about the Cruise Control
Get your discount code at