Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to the European InZane X organized by VRCC Lowlands VZW , taking place in the Hotel Ol Fosse d’Outh in Houffalize, Belgium and other locations visited by its participants from the 2nd  to the 5th  of June 2016, hereinafter referred to as “the meeting”. VRCC Lowlands VZW is a registered foundation in Meeuwen, Belgium.
2. Any person who has paid the total admittance fee and is registered by the organization of European InZane X  in accordance with the list available at the reception desk and/or the ‘who’s coming’ list on the meeting website may participate in the meeting.

Registration and payment
3. Only by signing the participant rules sheet during check-in , registration is possible.
4. Registration and payment is valid up to, and including March 1st 2016.
5. All participants of the meeting, including members of the organization, will pay €275,- per person for the entire organization costs (double bedroom with 2 persons) or €315,- for the entire organization costs (single bedroom).
6. An advance payment of € 50,- will be submitted during initial registration to the organization of the meeting.  Total payment should be transferred NLT March  1st  2016. Complete refund of the advance payment will occur if cancelling NLT March 1st 2016.
7. Registration and payment, including accommodation, will be confirmed only by the organization of the meeting.
8. Cancellations after March 1st 2016 will automatically result in loss of payment, according to the following rules:
a. Over and up to 1 week prior to the meeting–  30% of hotel payment plus €74,50 administration costs;
b. Between 1 week and 48 hrs prior to the meeting–  60% of hotel payment plus €74,50 administration costs;
c. Within 48 hrs  prior to the meeting–  100% of hotel payment plus €74,50 administration costs.
9. Rooms will be provided at the hotel desk during check-in. Official check-in starts on June 2nd 2016 at 15:00 LT.
10. During checkout after the meeting, the hotel will issue a hotel payment receipt to each individual participant.

Room keys
11. Room keys will be handed over at the hotel reception desk during hotel checkout. Loss of a room key will result in extra payment of € 12,50

Part-time attendance
12. Participants attending only on Friday , Saturday and Sunday will pay €215,- per person (double bedroom) for two persons for the entire organization costs  or €245,- (single bedroom) for the entire organization costs.

13. Each participant receives an identification bracelet which shall be worn during the entire meeting. The bracelet serves for security, theft and distinguish purposes and authorizes its holder to participate in all events of the meeting .
14. The identification bracelet is issued to the participant only once, no duplicates will be given.

Traffic laws
15. All participants who participate in rides shall adhere to Belgium traffic laws en regulations.
16. No alcohol or drugs are allowed when participating in traffic.
17. Motorcycle riders will wear a helmet, gloves, a coat or jacket with long sleeves, long pants or overall and boots or shoes covering the ankles.

18. All participants are personally responsible and liable for their own safety and others in traffic.
19. Individual riding behavior and individual traffic adherence is mandatory during all rides.
20. Neither the organizers nor the VRCC Lowlands VZW, located at Meeuwen takes any responsibility of theft, damage or injury to person nor property, caused by actions of participants to any third party in question or vice versa during the meeting.