Europe Introduction

When the Valkyrie or Flat Six Custom, I should say, was launched in Europe, people from different countries started organizing meetings soon afterwards.
Not only were the new biker owners attracted to each other’s taste but if you think a lone Valkyrie is a head twister, wait ‘till you see a whole bunch of Valkyries. Your eyes would pop out!
First on a local scale, these meetings were soon attended by Riders from abroad who also wanted to participate in the fun and excitement. So, they grew bigger by the year.
Since the summer holiday season was generally avoided, many countries were organizing meetings at more or less the same time in spring and fall. This caused a scattering and overlapping of events.
Pity, since each event was prepared with a lot of effort. As a result, it became hard to choose which event to go to.
To ensure deconfliction, in 2006 the EU Chapter Leaders decided that in the future one major international European Meeting would take precedence over all local meetings. And they called it the EU Inzane.
Unlike the US, where Inzane is organized by the same staff using a similar setup routine, the meetings in Europe are always held in a different country by different people.
So, each time the EU Inzane will be quite different, pending on the culture, possibilities and initiatives of the organizers.
Also, there are usually no individual events to pay for but everybody is welcome to all the events, using an all-in entrance fee, including accommodation and food. So when you arrive, everything is arranged- and paid for except bar consumptions.

Editor’s Note
The Valkyrie Riders in Europe are far outnumbered by those in the US, obviously.
In some countries, only a dozen or so VRCC members constitute a Chapter.
As is usually the case, only a handful of the same active Riders is organizing most of the events, group rides and meetings. The majority of members is either too busy or doesn’t want to go to all the trouble at their own expenses. They are happy to ride along if the occasion arises.
The same applies in Europe. So, sheer numbers only will not dictate the amount of activities, on the contrary. You will notice that the European VRCC scene is equally active as in the US.
As far as International Meetings are concerned, travel distances and times are considerably shorter than those in the US. That could be one of the reasons why, for instance in 2017, the number of EU Inzane participants outnumbered that of the US.

The European Chapters have a common EU website EU Website

The website is primarily meant to communicate with US Chapters and is now undergoing major reconstruction by Andy.

EU Inzane
The idea of a European Inzane meeting started as early as 2001 by EU biker Peter # 3307 from Austria. He proposed the idea of founding an EU website and also an EU-wide meeting, along the USA lines:

In Mariazell, there was a discussion between the representatives of the participating nations (we were with 5 people) about the possibilities of a European Chapter, and still be part of the US VRCC.
The objective was to bring all the Chapters closer together.
All were enthusiastic about this idea and we defined as goals:
A common, independent European VRCC website in English, overarching regional Chapters like in the US. Meetings, initiatives and activities could then be coordinated, avoiding overlapping of events.
In addition, smaller Chapters would have the opportunity to present themselves in a website (at that time Poland, Switzerland, Norway, etc.).
The website will be maintained by the German webmaster and Silvano (Italian Country Rep) will liaise this to the US Chapter.
In the future, we want to organize a European meeting as a season highlight (possibly in the town of Walhalla, close to Regensburg) – with the help of all the European Chapters – to become something like Daytona.
It would take another 6 years for the first EU Inzane to materialize in 2007, however.