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Alfredo ‘Fray’ Martelengo

The address of the Italian Chapter is and website

As mentioned earlier, in the early days every VRCC Chapter organized its own meetings, often frequented by members of other nations. Italy and Austria were among the first to organize larger, international meetings.
Lamont Bryden, during that time the VRCC USA frontrunner, visited one of the first Italian VRCC meetings. Here is his story:

Driving in Italy or anywhere in Europe for that matter can be challenging for an American to say the least. The roads are very narrow, the street signs are unfamiliar and traffic can be a nightmare. Parking is very limited and everyone seems to be in a hurry to get where they are going. Stop signs and speed limits are only suggestions. Pedestrians and bicycles don’t stand a chance with the motor vehicles. One of the first things you learn driving in Europe is to never make eye contact, to the European that means you have seen them and you understand that they are coming through. I was involved in a wreck in Germany from this very thing. The drivers there don’t give an inch.
Cruising on the motorways can be a very stimulating experience. Speeds can reach well over 200 kilometers and at that speed there is very little room for error. This brings me to the “Death Ride” part of my story.
I went to Italy to test drive a Valkyrie and a Gold Wing that has a new transmission developed by Mario Moto. It is an overdrive transmission with a new 4th and 5th gear. I must say that both bikes were simply amazing to ride with this modification, but that’s another story.
Now understand that I left San Diego on Friday to go to Milan, Italy, and came back from Milan on Monday so jetlag was a factor on the rest of this story. Still, without the jetlag I think it still would have freaked me out.
Mario Moto is a well-respected rider and mechanic in Italy. He was a professional racer for many years and has many trophies for his accomplishments. When I first met Mario on this trip, I watched him side saddle a Valkyrie and turn it around in a very narrow alley. Most people have trouble with the Valk at slow speeds so this was truly impressive. Little did I know I was soon to be much more impressed by his riding skills. Now this guy doesn’t look like a psycho, does he?

Mario is a great guy but doesn’t speak a lick of English that can be a problem because I don’t speak a lick of Italian. If it wasn’t for Silvano we would have never been able to cut a deal on these transmissions. Sil did a great job putting this whole thing together for us. It was a little bit awkward to drive back to my hotel with Mario in the car because we could not communicate for the whole time we spent alone together. This is when I decided to break my own rules and go ahead and ride on the back of Mario’s GW to the airport. I was told we could save a least an hour by taking the bike because of the heavy traffic.
That sounded like a plan, and then I didn’t have to feel all weird about driving all the way to the airport and not saying anything. This may have been the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life.
This is how the death ride started on Monday. I was told that Mario would pick me up at 7am to take me to the airport. I packed all my junk and the 6 transmission gear sets into one bag. The bag weighed about 80lbs. I checked out a little early just in case Mario showed up sooner than 7am. I sat and watched at least 40 to 50 cars run the stop sign where I was waiting for Mario to pick me up. When I say that stop signs and speed limits are only suggestions, that is what I mean; I only saw one big truck actually stop at the stop sign the whole time I was there.
Mario wasn’t early, in fact he was just a little bit late so I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing we took the bike. Mario strapped my bag on the back of his rack and I mounted the bike and was ready to roll. There were at least three things, maybe four that should have given me a clue that this was a bad idea.
1.) Mario is an X racer that took much pride showing me all the parts on the bottom side
of his GW that were scraped off.
2.) When talking with Sil’s son about riding on the back with Mario to the airport, his
comment was “oh, I guess you won’t be getting any sleep on the way there”. Now I
thought he meant because I was going to be on a bike and not in the van. Little did I
3.) Mario has a seatbelt for the passenger, that should have been a good indicator of
how he drives.
4.) Guys are NOT good passengers.
This alone should have made me opt for the van ride but I have never been very good about making the right choice the first time. So, I jump on the bike and we’re off. The first thing that went through my mind as we went through the back roads was man I hope we don’t fall over in the turns. I had my bag on top of a rack that weighed 80lbs., I weighed 200lbs and Mario was maybe 170lbs. We took the turns like Fast Freddie in Daytona. As we went into the turns I had to fight every natural instinct to upright the bike with my body English. I started to really concentrate on being a good passenger and not complicate the situation by wanting to take control from the back seat.

When you go into a turn you already have in your mind how fast you should be taking that turn from your experience, it is very hard to reprogram your thought process on the fly when you feel like you’re going twice as fast as you should be. Okay, so the guy is a much faster rider than I am on my Super Charged Valkyrie and I’m just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. I was amazed at how well the GW did in the turns. So here I am trying to keep cool and just enjoy the ride. Well, the enjoy the ride thing was soon to be a fleeing thought.

As we ran the twisting roads at well over the posted speed limit I got a taste of what was to be the next 60 minutes of my life. We started to pass cars and trucks at a very high rate of speed on a road with very little room to pass, not to mention that there was a solid white line indicating that it was illegal to pass in these areas.
I soon began to realize that I was going to be on the ride of my life. This would turn out to be the safest part of the trip. Those of you that know me know that I am a pretty much a macho kinda guy and would be considered an extreme thrill seeker. I have bungee jumped out of cranes, and I help build, and jumped out of Mega Bungee which was the tallest bungee tower at the time it was built (210′). I was an ironworker for many years and have walked the edge of many a high-rise building. I have worked in many dangerous situations that some would call crazy.
I have been in situations where I have been threatened by knives and guns and have on more than one occasion been in fights with weapons that have landed me and others in the hospital. I have had to testify in a murder trial against prospects for a well-known outlaw biker club. All that being said, I must say that those experiences put together did not add up to the fear that I was about to experience. I am humbled and a little ashamed that I did not take this ride better than I did, maybe it was the lack of sleep for three days, maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I just looked the grim reaper in the face and this time I didn’t like what I saw.
Once we got out of the back roads and on to the motorway Mario really cranked it on. I like to go fast just as much as the next guy, maybe even a little more, but once again, guys don’t make good passengers. This was not the scary part. At first the traffic was not that bad so we were zipping along at around 180 to 200 kilometers. Then we came to a section of the motorway where traffic was at a crawl. Traffic may have been at a crawl, but that didn’t mean we had to slow down very much. Now I’m from California and I logged in many a mile splitting traffic so I didn’t think much of this at first. The GW is a very wide bike and very top heavy and takes a little longer to stop then most bikes, or so I thought.
At first Mario would ride in between the cars and big trucks at a speed that felt okay to me, but as the traffic increased, so did Mario’s speed. We would squeeze into spots that if there were any surprises at all we would be toast. As the trip went on, so did the level of fear. At first I would try and keep my cool but I soon began screaming out loud things like “Oh my God, were going to die!” or “this is going to hurt, this is going to hurt”, I found myself praying that God would forgive me of all my sins and just let me live another day to tell about this experience. And yes, I may have screamed like a girl once or twice.
Here’s how the rest of the ride went. We would run up on a car or truck at let’s say 180 kilometers and get right on their bumper, so close that all I could see is the back of their windshield, and then Mario would honk his horn a couple of times and if they didn’t move out of the way within two seconds he would pass them on the left, the right, or right down the middle if there was no room for the car or truck to pull over. When the traffic was heavy but still moving we were weaving in and out of cars at an average speed of 140 kilometers! If I held my elbows out from my side, I could touch the trucks on both sides at the same time doing 140 kilometers! I started thinking of what kinda of injury I was likely to incur at these speeds.

At first, I thought I might lose a limb or maybe just suffer some broken bones but then as the traffic slowed down we moved over to the emergency lane and really picked up the pace. If anyone would have pulled over or been stalled in that lane we would have hit them at a rate of speed that was not survivable. It is common practice for motorcycles to ride in the emergency lane in Italy. The bad thing is when Mario saw another bike ahead of him he would crank it up even faster to pass them in a lane that’s just not big enough for two bikes! At this point I was looking death right in the eye and I could smell the stink of his breath.
I was sure that I was to be remembered as the Valkyrie guy from the U.S who died on a GW in Italy. The thought of being fortunate enough to be injured was gone; I knew I was going to die.

Along the way I would see road signs that said “Airporto” and thought to myself that this is great, we’re almost there, but nooooo, we’re not even close. At times we would take an off ramp that I thought was the off ramp to the airport but it was just another motorway on ramp. Oh, those were fun too, if the off ramp had a speed limit of let say 40 kilometers, we would take it at 80 kilometers, but that’s not the fun part, the fun part is that traffic was stopped when we were doing it! That’s right; we were passing cars and trucks that were trying to merge onto the new motorway at twice the speed limit! There were times that I just closed my eyes because I couldn’t bear to see how it was all going to end. Because I could not talk to him, I would do things like squeeze him with my legs, well that worked about as well as squeezing a horse with your legs that just meant go faster to him. Then I tried patting him on the back to slow down, that just meant go faster to him too. Then I tried to think of all the reasons why I might survive this ride.

First thing that came to mind was that Mario is still alive and his bike is a 1988 that was real clean looking other than all the parts scraped off of the bottom side. Then I thought, hey this guy is a racer, this is not a big deal to a racer, but then I thought even Freddy Spencer has his bad days. I finally realized that my life was in God’s hands and I’m either going to make it, or I’m going to die. This is just part of the death therapy.
I would like to say thank you to Mario for changing my life. There are several things I walked away with from this trip.

1.) I walked away from this trip.
2.) I now realize that no matter how crazy you think someone is, there’s always Mario to
put them in their place.
3.) I can’t think of anything in life that could possibly scare me now. If I was approached
4.) by a car jacker, and he stuck a 45 in my face and told me to get out of the car or
he will blow my head off I would literally laugh at him and tell him to try and go scare
someone else, I lived through a ride with Mario to the airport for 70 minutes straight.
5.) I walked away from this trip.
6.) My wife’s driving will never scare me again.
7.) I am now prepared to give my 15 year old driving lessons.
8.) I walked away from this trip.
9.) I now realize that Fear Factor is for wimps and I don’t have to waste my time
watching it on TV.
10.) God is not finished with me yet.
11.) I walked away from this trip.

I do have one real regret and that is that I didn’t get this on video. There is no way that you can experience what I went through by me writing this story. If I knew I only had a week to live I would go back and do it again with a video camera so you could get an idea how frightening this was to me.

I in no way mean to be disrespectful to Mario in this story, he’s a great guy and I still call him my friend but if you gave me the choice to have me strapped to a piece of plywood and have my 15 year old son blindfolded and throw sharp knifes at me or take another ride to the airport with Mario, I would tell my son to do the best he could.
Update to this article!
I just got an email from Silvano regarding something I said at dinner that I forgot all about. Seems I made the comment that the Gold Wing was an old man’s bike here in the U.S. Man was that the WRONG thing to say! It’s all coming back to me now. Here is the reply I got from Silvano. “Take in consideration that we live in the earth of Ferrari & Lamborghini and the speed is in our blood. I don’t ride like Mario, but I’m very close. Mario is very special with his GW and I think is one of the best riders of the world.
Now you can say that GW is not for retired bikers….”

Left is a picture of Mario explaining what he is going to do to me on the way to the airport. You can fill in the blanks.

These are my Bro’s; they made me feel like a King. Sil and the Sheriff have really put together a great club here in Italy, but there were members there from Austria too.
They are all great people, and like most of us, they love to eat. Some more pics I took of that memorable event

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VRCC Italy kept playing an important role in organizing all kind of domestic and international events up to this day. Thanks to the relentlesss efforts of Silvano ‘Sil’ Merati, followed in 2011 by Alfredo ‘Fray’ Martelengo.
Sil was always a real gentleman with a great passion for the Valkyrie and its community. Thanks to people like Sil and Fray, who keep organizing meetings and show up at every Valkyrie event, both locally and abroad, VRCC Europe has become one big family.
In terms of visibility and achievement, you can compare Silvano as well as Einstein from Austria and Bobbievalk from the UK with oZ’s and Lamont’s role in the early days.
Guys with 10W40 in their veins, sense of humor, vision, passion and organizational talents.
Being a small Chapter, at some point VRCC Italy existed only of Goldwing and Trike Riders. VRCC Italy now has 15 members in 2017.
Given that the club is a formal association, every year each member must confirm whether to stay in or not.
So, every year the number may vary some. As in most Chapters, the wagon is being pulled by a handful of dedicated, active members.

Andy – Mario with a Rune

Eurowing Biker’s Week 2000 and International Valkyrie Ride-in

This meeting was one of the initiatives in the early days to host an international VRCC meeting.
Schedule of events.
The registration point will be open every day from 9am until 5pm at the main entrance of Lido Degli Estensi, south of Venice, on the Adriatic coast. Registration is compulsory. A special area and program will be reserved exclusively to Valkyrie’s riders. Every biker who registers will be given a welcome package which will include the program for the manifest, plus a gift and a special card to allow the bikers special discounts at the authorized points. Also, with the card they can enter certain areas, e.g. the market, concerts, strip-tease and entry to the main street. This also will allow the bikers free parking. The cost of the registration, valid the whole week, it has fixed: Pilot Lit. 45.000(€. 23) and Co-Pilot Lit. 35.000(€. 18).

Bookings for hotels, apartments and camping will be taken as of 15 March 2000.
Special varied discounts will be given to all bikers during the manifest
“Hey Guys, think of an example of BIKE WEEK Daytona, in Europe for the first time.”
From day one we will have vendors in the authorized area, concerts, show bike, cruising along the main street on your bike. In other words, the general view…. we leave you free to imagine the beach, human fueling; you know what I mean, your stomach pal. Choose from pizzas to specialty fish dishes where you can try a taste at the local pizzerias and restaurants. We would like to emphasize the fact that the manifest is not being held in a limited zone, but in a vast area, where you have to move around on your bike.
Thursday & Friday.
Possibility to participate in various tours.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Drag Racing competition.
Possibility to participate in various tours.
Closing of manifest.

Italian albums from 1999 – 2010 by Silvano
Bike’s Album and Elisa’s Album

A few pics from the early days

Crotto Day 1999                                                                                      Honda Day 1999

Parma Hills 1999

Dolomiti Tour 2001                                                                                                     One of the most rugged areas of the Alps


Garda Lake 2001                                                                 Note the customized ‘Iron’ or rather ‘Wooden’ butt saddle with eagle head

There is a midwinter motorcycle event in Europe, called the Elephanten Treffen in Thurmansbang-Solla/Loh, Bavaria about 40 clicks from Passau. 5000 to 10.000 bikes of every make and model gather every year up the mountains in the snow.
No such thing as comfort here and a real challenge for both the bike and its Rider. In 2003, Italian Valkyrie Riders participated in this event.

Blessed with such a nice country and climate, our Italian Bros have all kind of options, however.

Sardinia Tour 2002                                                                                                                                   Bussero 2000

In 2008, 2011 and 2013, our Italian Bros made trips to the Nordkap in Norway, 3000 miles one way from Rome…A distance from Boston to LA. Impressive.
Dag Verpeide

International Meeting Italy 2002

2003 – Lago d’Iseo

Beer from Holland and Bobbie from the UK with spouses Christine AKA ‘Steinchen’ from Austria

2009 Valkyrie Party

Gigi Curati and Salvatore with Thor’s Hammer

2010 Valkyrie meeting Cesano Maderno

Fray’s Album 2009 –to date (very nice)      Alfredo’s Album

2011 Along the Garda roads

Hello my friends, this is our first ride out as new VRCC.
I’m calling everyone I know, within reasonable distance to come and ride with us along the Garda roads to spend a sweet weekend with us.
The event ‘ll take place the 7/8 of May. We arranged accommodation at a B&B with double-rooms for 50 euro. Triple-rooms are available as well.
During the 2days Rally, we’ll be going up and down the Garda hills, along the local picturesque villages. The first day’s meeting point is at ancient vineyard ‘CORTE’ in Berettina, just a few km away from the DESENZANO autostrada. We ‘ll be there to guide you to the meeting.
Before you will depart, we ‘ll give the farthest biker a gift.
Best regards Claudio dal Ponte

2011 Run Morenic Hills


New website is inaugurated at the bike expo Verona 2011

Have a look at Italy’s Picture Albums, just super!

Rombo di tuono

Montichiari, in the province of Brescia, is the stage for  “Rombo di Tuono”, a festival dedicated to motor vehicles.
“Rombo di Tuono” has become a reference show for professionals and a must for fans. Indoors concerts, entertainment and  gorgeous bikes and trikes, customized cars, and so many stands of accessories, custom parts, clothing, tattoo artists, painters, and other top of the line artists and mechanical geniuses.


Video 2018

2012 Bike expo Verona

Garda Run
This great 2-day Meeting was attended by 49 Riders

Valhalla’s Voyage – Bassano 3 February 2012

2013 Monselice Meeting

Cologno al Serio Ride

Night of the Valkyrie

Verrazzano Castle Trip

2014 Verona by Luciano Valente


The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheatre built in the first century and is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind. Capacity was nearly 30,000 people
It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there.

Dressed up as Roman Warriors….and this ain’t Hollywood folks, but the real thing, LOL

They don’t come any better than this, don’t you agree

2014 Toscana by Luciano Valente
Valkyrie Club – Motogiro in Toscana 2014

Lynn (UK) collecting her award at the Italian Valkyrie meeting, Longest Lady Traveler
Very nice plaque and a bottle of wine, super time was had by all



Inzane XIII  will be discussed in another part.

Nice Video by Mauro Consoli

Austria Chapter

  Günter ‘Günni’ Bruckner

The address of the Austrian Chapter website

The Austrian Chapter has just over 200 members and was basically laid down in the cradle, so to speak by Peter Hecht in 1999, who also established the first contacts with Italian, American and German members abroad.
The first Austrian website by Pizzabert members followed soon afterwards in 1999 and was taken over in 2000 by Christine as webmaster.
In 2001, Peter ‘Einstein’ Prajczer was elected by the members to act as Austrian Chapter Leader.
In due course and after having visited various meetings in Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland, other contacts have been established with Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Finally, also the Finns, Lithuanians and Russians were welcomed aboard.
In December 2016 after 15 years, Einstein handed over his Chapter Rep duties and closed his website, remaining a regular member. He and his wife Christine ‘Steinchen’ have, and still do, given their all for the VRCC.
These two great folks have been among the ‘backbone’ of the club in terms of welding the EU Chapters together. They have attended every meeting, both local and abroad, greatly contributing to the spirit and joy.
No matter what the cost, distance or date, you could always count on their presence. On top of that, they have organized over a dozen international meetings themselves, each far exceeding 200 participants, which were amongst the best around.
The VRCC owes these folks big time. What a couple; great respect!

The Chapter and new website is now run by Günni, equally determined to keep the VRCC alive.

Photo and Video Albums

Gerd Frommel’s Austria pictures

2000 – Engedey

Three meetings were held in Austria, of which no statistics are present, however.
During the first meeting 26 bikes from Vienna and surroundings attended.
Soon followed by a second meeting with the presence of Italians and Swiss.
Finally, at the third meeting Germans, Italians and Swiss bikers came along again and this process steadily evolved in larger numbers due to the internet.

2001 Mariazell

86 bikers participated in the Int’l F6C Valkyrie Riders Meeting in Mariazell from 17- 19.8.2001
68 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
2 – F6C Valkyrie sidecars
3 – Valkyrie Interstates
1 – Goldwing Trike
12 – Goldwing
25 – Guest bikers on various bikes
9 participating nations – A, B, CH, D, GB, IT, NL, NO, PL

Videos of Mariazell 2001 by Steinchen and

Einstein’s 60th Birthday

2002 – Hopfgarten

151 registered participants on the announcement 15-18.8.2002
84 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
2 – F6C Valkyrie sidecars
2 – Valkyrie Interstates
7 – Goldwing
16 – Guest bikers on various bikes
10 participating nations – A, B, CH, D, GB, IT, NL, NO, S, USA

Silvano’s Photo album  Silvano.s Album

2004 -Vienna 12-15.8.2004

276 registered participants
141 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
2 – F6 Rune
7 – Valkyrie Interstates
1 – Valkyrie Trike
18 – Goldwing
17 – Guest bikers on various bikes
14 participating nations – A, B, CH, D, GB, F, IT, NL, IRL, NO, S, HV, USA, PL

During this first weekend of August, a Meeting was held in Vienna, which can only be described in superlatives. There were more than 270 participants with over 180 bikes. Apart from a large contingent of Austrians and Germans, 12 other nations were represented, including 20 enthusiastic participants from Poland.
We left a week earlier to RV in Koblenz with the Brits, who were doing a European roundtrip.
After a night stop in Regensburg we arrived at the hotel ‘Am Sachsengang’ in Vienna on Wednesday. We were warmly welcomed by Einstein and Christine, who had left nothing to chance. The day before the official Meeting started, there were already 100 participants. The accommodation and organization were excellent and people were getting in the mood right away. In the evening, we were taken by Peter & Christine to a nearby restaurant: “Dass war cheaper” LOL and could enjoy a meal with humungous schnitzels hanging over your plate. Later on, we went to the bar at the hotel to meet and greet other participants and after closing time everyone went to bed. The next day we decided to visit Vienna with a group. A day-trip ticket for the U-Bahn proved very useful. Vienna is truly a beautiful city with a lot of culture, terraces and atmosphere. The historical inner city was originally built by the Romans as a military post against the German tribes and became a city in 1221. Very famous are the Stephansdom, Schloss Schönbrunn where the Austrian emperors lived, Prater and many, many more. Everything beautifully restored and not hard to imagine you were walking around in a capital of a once great empire, consisting of most parts of Europe.
We opted for a nice beer and a chat with friends at a sunny terrace. That evening we could enjoy a meal on the banks of the Danube (Insel) that, due to the beautiful warm weather, was transformed into a tropical holiday paradise.
When we returned to the hotel, the parking lot was already packed with Valks. As a matter of fact, they were parked everywhere. A beautiful sight. Especially the two brand new Runes drew a lot of attention.
Of course, there was also a spectacular bike-light show for the LED Lovers.
After we had met many friends and acquaintances, we went back to Vienna the next day, this time for a tour with the bikes. In the evening there was a huge party with an extensive buffet, excellent music from a Country & Western band, fireworks and lots of drinks. Folks were dancing everywhere, even in the parking lot outside.

On Saturday all the bikes roared through the Austrian landscape.
We hardly met any other traffic, well done. This day was dedicated to Klaus & Veronika’s biker wedding, who exchanged rings on a nice spot in the presence of all participants, city mayor and officials. Speeches were held and presents given to the newlyweds. Congratulations, what a nice couple and great moment.

After lunch, we rode to a lake in the vicinity to take a group picture and enjoyed the sun and wind. That evening there were more wedding presents and a Tiroler music group played typical Austrian ‘slap your thigh’ songs. The next morning it was time to say goodbye and we continued our way through Mariazell, Jaufenpass and Hwy 111 through the Karnic Alps and Timmelsjoch towards home.
The 2004 Austria Meeting has been one of the largest and best VRCC event I have ever experienced. The organization and accommodation were excellent and the weather remained warm and sunny.
All-in-all, an unforgettable experience.

Dianne, Tony (RIP), Beer and Bobbie                                                                                            Italian and Brit Mob

Italian charm                                                                                                           Welsh get together

Parking………everlasting source of inspiration and discussion

Nice paintjobs and customs everywhere

Klaus and Veronika are getting married

Dieter and Nina, great bikes, parties and good company                                                            Ohne Worte

2006 – Graz 10-13.8.2006

203 registered participants
99 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
2 – F6 Rune
7 – Valkyrie Interstates
19 – Goldwing
2 – GW Trikes
16 – Guest bikers on various bikes
14 participating nations – A, B, CH, D, GB, P, IT, NL, IRL, H, T, HV

Video by Bobbievalk


More pics at Album

2008 – Feldkirch

Videos by ameijlis and Maillé Patrick and

In Feldkirch, 250 registered participants from 13 nations attended with 166 bikes from Belgium, Germany, England, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and USA.
Hanne VRCC#20305 arrived from Kiew, Ukraine (longest distance travelled)
Antonio VRCC#13833 (oldest participant) from Italy
Edi VRCC#21832 (second oldest participant) from Austria
Lukas und Christof (two youngest participants in sidecar) from Germany

Steve B’s Blue Supercharged Monster

Jenneke and Gerard at the Stelvio Pass with 48 hairpin curves

2010 – Schlögen 19-22.8.2010

276 registered participants
115 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
1 – F6C sidecar
9 – Valkyrie Interstates
3 – Valkyrie Trike
23 – Goldwing
24 – Guest bikers on various bikes
14 participating nations – A, B, CH, D, GB, F, IT, NL, DE, IRL, NO, S, HV, P, CZ

From 19 ‘till 22 August 2010 the 10th anniversary of VRCC Austria was celebrated in Hotel Donauschlingen in Schlögen. There were over 270 participants from Italy, Poland, Wales/UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium with over 160 bikes and 115 Valkyries. It is always great to look at the differences between all the individual Valkyries and what kinds of accessories and custom paints have been used. Ideal for getting ideas.
On Wednesday, 50 Riders showed up early. The hotel was located on a quiet, magnificent spot in the curve of the Danube River and mainly utilized by bicycles and tour operators. This was all about to end by the arrival of the Valkyries.
We were welcomed by Peter and Christine, who had arranged the whole meeting to perfection. After a nice meal we all went to the bar to mingle again. The organization had designed 3 routes in Austria and the Czech Republic, ranging from 150 to 350 km. Everyone could ride one of these routes by him/her self or in groups. The rolling and slightly hilly terrain contained many panoramic views. Both the primary and secondary roads were full of curves and ideal for motorcycle riding.

On Thursday everyone arrived and after diner there was a party at the bar. Gerard & Jenneke, Stefan, Henny & Janni, Eric, Robert, Yvonne and Cynthia & I were present from the Benelux.
After a great ride out the next day, there was a nice diner-dansant with speeches and live music from a local band Waxdraht (Wax wire). The band started with some covers and soon switched to wild Tiroler music. Our Austrian hosts were wearing lederhosen and Dirndl dresses for the occasion. What a great party. Even the hotel personnel joined in after closing time and I remember we were drinking Jägermeisters and someone was playing guitar until I went to bed at 4 AM.

On Saturday there was a big elephant walk with all the bikes for a tour of 120 km. in the Linz area. What a nice view, all those Valkyries behind each other for a few miles long. We had a very nice lunch break with local Austrian (nonalcoholic) summer drinks.

In the hotel, Valkyrieparts sold bling and spare parts and a tailor sewed patches on your jacket. The diner consisted entirely out of Austrian Nödel. Nödelsoup, Nödel main course and Nödel desert and the spirit was very nice with a disco and someone attempted to make a burnout on the dance floor. Luckily, he went outside again and proceeded with his burnouts writing smileys and VRCC on the parking lot. The personnel from the hotel were treated on a small evening ride with some lighted Valkyries around the hotel and were visibly pleased. Needless to say, the party went on for quite some time afterwards.
Sunday, we said goodbye and proceeded back home for 600 miles through some traffic cues and heavy rain showers.
This Austria meeting was characterized by a very nice, relaxed spirit, splendid hotel and really cooperative personnel, beautiful weather (30 ͦC in the sun) excellent ride out possibilities and a great organization. Thanks to the Austrian crew, you’re simply the best!

For some Riders, washing is an almost daily ritual, LOL

Lunch break…. nothing beats lying in the grass after a copious Austrian meal!

2012 – Schlögen 15-18.8.2012

190 registered participants
97 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
6 – Valkyrie Interstates
5 – Valkyrie Trike
18 – Goldwing
15 – Guest bikers on various bikes
13 participating nations – A, B, D, GB, F, IT, NL, DE, NO, S, HV, P, SK

On 15-19 August, the Austrian VRCC Treffen was held in Schlögen, a small village at the Danube’s hairpin, the ‘Donauschlingen’. It was the third time Peter and Christine organized the Treffen here at the hotel / wellness resort. It was fantastic weather all the time and we have been able to ride our hearts out.
Eric had arrived on Wednesday as well as Gerard, Jenneke and Stefan from the Lowlands Chapter. This time, they had taken the car train for a change. By the looks of it, I think they already had a party on the train during the trip from Munich to Austria.
Hanne had flown in from the Ukraine to ride his Valk that is kept in the Netherlands. Finally, Beer and Cynthia were also present. We were all warmly welcomed and the organization was excellent. As usual, we first went to the bar to have some drinks and then to the room to freshen up. There were 190 bikers present with 141 bikes, mainly consisting of members of the German and Austrian Chapters. But there were also Norwegians, a Swede, a small group from the Czech Republic, a few Brits and 12 Italians with Silvano. Many friends were present, which made it very enjoyable that first evening.
On Friday we left after a nice breakfast for a trip in the surrounding area. Stefan, our road captain, had a route prepared to the Czech Republic and we made a wonderful trip through rolling, wooded terrain with little traffic on the winding roads. Colin and Ingrid had joined us and also Sandra, member of the hotel staff with whom Hanne had been talking to, the night before. After a 230 km ride, with regular stops on a terrace, we arrived at the hotel again. Colin decided to jump in the Danube, being towed in a tire tube behind a speedboat. Bummer…his body did not fit into the tube so he had to hold it with his hands. This cost a lot of power and was very funny to look at but if you’d known Colin, as strong as they come in Ulster, he could easily handle that.

The Ulsterman in his natural habitat                             Lots of interesting Valks                             Easy going in the sunshine, life is great

That night we all went aboard a cruise ship for dinner. The Danube cruise lasted about 3 hours. Very nice scenery and we really enjoyed this trip on the river. Back at the hotel, there was a disco where we had lotsa fun with a special dance on the floor and pole dancing by the ladies.
At the parking lot, where all the bikes were parked, the entertainment continued. The Germans had stripped a Valkyrie and modified it with a head of wild boar as a headlight. They made burnouts, writing smileys and the letters VRCC on the asphalt. The hotel owner, a biker himself, enjoyed it as much as we did. Everything was being thought of because a spare tire had to be fitted after 15 minutes. No business like show business, LOL.

The next morning there was the usual joint ride with all 140 bikes together and this time 3 other ladies from the hotel staff accompanied us. In the rolling terrain with many curved roads, you could often see a large part of the bike posse. A beautiful sight of course and a lot of pics and films were made.
Along the side of the road, the ‘locals’ were waving at us and after 65 km we stopped for lunch. Very nice with a salad bar, a stew and BBQ ribs after a nice ride and once again another great meal, a professional fireworks show was given at the hotel.
Outside, the burnouts continued, this time for an attempt to make Olympic rings. Unfortunately, the radiator cap popped off and the Valk lost its coolant. The steel wires of the rear tire were strangled around the axis of the rear wheel. Although I’m not a burnout fan myself, I found it very reassuring to see how much damage the Valkyrie can actually take and just keep on riding.

Anyway, later the hotel staff could have a backseat ride on LED-lighted bikes that made a lot of noise around the hotel with their horns and sirens. At midnight the disco resumed its music and the party went on inside. The next morning we had breakfast and rode home on this very hot Sunday.
During this Schlögen 2012 Meeting we had a lot of fun and made nice trips. The organization was excellent and the weather great. What more can you wish for. As a matter of fact, the spirit was so great that the complete hotel staff joined our party after their shift. Sure thing, I will definitely come back to this place.

Lunchtime on Saturday

Having a cool one after a great ride                                                           Very nice custom and paint job, well done!


2013 Jois Burgenland 6-8.9.2013

27 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
1 – F6C sidecar
5 – Valkyrie Interstates
1 – Valkyrie Trike
2 – Goldwing
3 – Guest bikers on various bikes
14 participating nations – A, D, S, P, CZ

Local newspaper story
JOIS (gsch). Die österreichische Motorradfahrgemeinschaft des weltweit vertretenen Motorradclubs VRCC (Valkyrie Riders Cycle Club) traf sich zum Season’s End heuer erstmals in Jois. Am Freitag reisten die stolzen Besitzer der schweren 6-Zylinder-Maschinen aus dem In- und Ausland (Slowakei, Tschechei, Schweden, Polen, Deutschland) an, um gemeinsam den Ausklang der Biker-Saison 2013 zu befeiern. Gar nicht „hart“ stand eine Bootsfahrt am Neusiedler See am Samstag von Illmitz nach Mörbisch zur Besichtigung der Seebühne am Programm, sowie eine Kutschenfahrt durch die Pannonische Steppenlandschaft. Die Zeiten vom Rowdy haben sich wohl zum unverbesserlichen Romantiker hin geändert. Trotzdem viel auf Hochglanz aufpoliertes Chrom, Leder und laute Motoren, wie es sich für ein richtiges Motorradtreffen gehört. Rauhe Schale und offensichtlich doch weicherer Kern…

2014 – Schlögen

…………it’s lonely at the top

Video by Christine

168 registered participants
76 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
1 – Valkyrie sidecar
7 – Valkyrie Interstates
1 – GW Trike
14 – Goldwing
15 – Guest bikers on various bikes
12 participating nations – A, B, D, GB, F, IT, NL, DE, NO, S, HV, HV, P, USA

Donauschlinge (curve )

Hotelstaff would later (after hours) join in and party…….

2016 – Schlögen

95 registered participants with 71 bikes
51 – F6C Valkyrie STD bikes
1 – Valkyrie sidecar
3 – Valkyrie Interstates
16 – Guest bikers on various bikes
6 participating nations – A, D, GB, F, P, HV

More great pics at

What a great looking bike…..and all in Austrian colors

Christine’s Amazing Video Album from the early days    Steinchen’s Videos

Lowlands Chapter

    Beer van Huet

‘Roadmaster’ Stef Martens


The joint Belgium and Netherlands Chapter has 175 members and the address is
The name Lowlands has been chosen because a big part of the Netherlands is up to 20 feet below mean sea level. There are just over 400 F6C/Valkyries estimated in the Netherlands.

Although the Benelux is of small importance in VRCC Europe, it’s convenient, central location played a significant role in welding the EU Chapters together.

When I first saw the Valkyrie on a business trip in New Jersey, I instantly fell in love with the bike. You could tell straight away that this was something really special. The power and looks just drooled of this monster.
I had been to the Laughlin River Run before and this was not another look-a-like or wannabee but a machine that made its own, unique statement. Back in the Netherlands I traded in my Yamaha Virago 1100 and bought my new Flat Six.
I went looking for as much online information as I could and soon joined the VRCC.
I also discovered other Valkyries in my area and early 2000 I joined Karel and Tinneke, Eddie van Laethem and 6 other Valkyrie Riders at the shore of the River Schelde in Antwerpen for a first group ride. I was really excited seeing all those Valks together and very much liked the kind of Riders as well. Different and very friendly. Not bragging about their bikes and simply out for some fun together. We stayed friends until this day.
I guess a similar story applies to more people in the Benelux. Later in 2000, Walter Melchers organized a meeting and there, with great enthusiasm and pzazz, the Benelux Chapter was founded and really started to kick in soon afterwards.
Walter had visited the Austrian and Italian Meetings before and launched the Benelux meeting in Heerlen soon afterwards in 2002, being the first official International Meeting north of the Alps. The organization consisted of Walter, Roadmaster Stef, Ed van Laethem, Ronnie and myself.
After a second, similar meeting in 2003 the Benelux Chapter Rep and other staff members ended up in a difference of opinion on the way to proceed, which could not be resolved.
In the following years, various local VRCC rides were organized by Gert and Anthony ‘Crazy Mosquito’ in the Ardennes, Gé and Mara on the river dykes, Patrick and Yolanda near the coast, Melis Jan en Maarten between the rivers and a great weekend with Karel and Tinneke at the Bison Ranch ‘Don Diego’.
After these successful highlights, the club members gradually became more individual and folks started riding their own trips without the VRCC fuzz. The Benelux Chapter kinda faded away with only its dormant website left as a remnant.
In 2008, the Chapter was revitalized by Beer van Huet and Stefan Martens and is still up and running as ‘Lowlands’ with 175 members until this very day.

2002 & 2003 – Heerlen Int’l Meeting, Netherlands

Beer – 2002 Final Report
The international VRCC Benelux Meeting from 24-26 May 2002 exceeded all our expectations. The sight and sound of 105 Valkyries and 21 other bikes was an experience we will not soon forget in the Benelux. Thanks to the widespread participation of all EU VRCC Chapters and riders from 10 nations. To our pleasant surprise, riders from Germany, Sweden and even the Federation of Russia all showed up on Thursday as planned. Marvin from Eurowing had also just arrived after driving his truck 1600 nonstop clicks from Italy to support the meeting. Talking about long distance, there were 7 attendants who covered over 2000 kilometres and 42 members with over 1000 kilometres one-way travel distance to join the event. The welcome ceremony of our newly arrived guests lasted until the bar closed in the early hours of the morning. The next day, delegations from the UK, Italy, Austria, Greece and Norway, together with most of the other Benelux riders checked in and spent their time walking around the bikes and getting to know each other. A ride with approximately 45 bikes was undertaken on Friday to the three-country landmark, where a snack and beverage was presented by one of our main sponsors, the KEPU Company. Again, experiences and interests were shared that day on the lot and at the bar, accompanied by the sound of a 4-member Dixie band. Also, a video of last year’s meeting in Austria was shown for the attendants who were interested. On Saturday, everyone was aboard. Although rain was forecasted, the weather fortunately stayed dry for the duration of the event. At one o’clock, a roaring column of over 120 bikes steadily moved across the Benelux landscape to the ‘Molen’, where a meal was served. During this stop, all riders could witness the astonishing accuracy of the whiplash, presented with skill and cunning by ‘More danger’ Pete. The ride continued as planned, without any malfunctioning bike, thanks to the reliability and durability of the cruiser of the decade. Plaques and certificates were presented to each nation and Silvano in particular was mentioned for his activities on the EU internet site. Larissa Klijn (11 years old) was proclaimed ‘Valkyrie’ of the meeting and Paolo Fraccascia rewarded for his best looking ‘Sherrif’ bike. The accommodation at the hotel ‘Valk’ was such, that most of the rooms overlooked the magnificent sight of over 100 bikes at the parking lot. In the evening a party was organized, accompanied by the swinging sound of two local female singers, followed by the music of yet another local, but nevertheless outstanding blues band. As a surprise, a Flat 6 was driven on the dance floor during the evening and Rocky, our Italian not-for-long bachelor, was entertained by a lady with remarkable reflexes and shapes. Needless to say, that the party went on until the sun was rising again. Finally our beneficiary, the Make-A-Wish foundation, who makes wishes come true from terminally ill children between the ages of 3-18 years, received a cheque, thanks to all our sponsors and participants.
We would like to thank all the people involved in this meeting, including Eddy for accompanying our guests and friends from the UK, all the safety riders who made a steady ride possible, the photographer for her nice shots, the security people who guarded our bikes at night, the VRCC members of the registration desk and the lottery, the hotel manager for his nice food, service and acco and the people of the stands. A special thanks to the people who voluntarily made videos and photos and all the other members who put countless hours in the organization. Finally, I would like to thank all the VRCC members and participants who made this meeting a success by attending with such a good spirit. We are working hard to edit and multiply the video’s and make them available to your Chapter soon. We are looking forward to share more good rides and feelings at the other VRCC meetings.

Spectacular if you’ve never seen                       Melvin and Sean, your accessory mounted          Peter ‘More danger’ with his whip
more than 15 Valkyries at one place                 while you wait

The UK/Welsh Gang                                                                                                                                      At the 3 country border point

Melvin sold out in no time, LOL                                   3-man brass band during the first night

In 2003, another international meeting was hosted by the Benelux, this time with 197 participants from 11 nations. Horst Niels from Germany won a prize for his outstanding Valkyrie specimen together with Adriano Bavia who managed to attend with a Valkyrie with genuine horse saddle. During the party, a Flat 6 appeared on the dance floor and Steve B from the UK, who turned 50, was put in the spotlight. All profits and revenues went to the Cliniclowns.

Two ladies from Cliniclowns                                                   Gary (RIP) and friends collecting cliniclowns noses               Knight Beer

Nice trailer, wrong bike                                                                                           Fuchs performance stand …great view

Pitstop at a memorial site                                         Modified genuine horse saddle                              Lucky winner of ladies underwear

During that time, it was popular by some in the UK to address each other on the bulletin board with Medieval ‘Knight’ names and tales. Hence, this proclamation during the Benelux meeting to call forward Steve B. and celebrate his 50th birthday.

During the early days Stefan ‘Roadmaster’ Martens became close friends with the UK Chapter members and organized several, what they called ‘Chat Weekends’. Small scale international meetings and if you look at the pics, it was great fun.

Chat weekend Genk 2006


Chat weekend Houffalize 2009

Line up in front of the Bastogne war memorial

Raalte Meeting -2013

We were blessed with exceptional nice Wx. Besides great rides in Overijsel and Drenthe, we went to Giethoorn. This town has a streetplan made of waterways/canals. Ulsterman, our DJ did not like the choice of music so he took his bike, rode a total of 250 km back to his home and came back with decent stuff. These small scale Int’l meetings are a perfect setting to get to know each other better and, although there was a well organized plan, flexible enough to play it by ear.

Boysbiker 17 – VRCC bikers club at Raalte Saturday Tour and and

Dave & Norah                                                                            Giethoorn (Canal city)                                                 Hans his new creation

In Memoriam Henny Lammertink

Henny has been around VRCC Benelux/Lowlands from the first hour and was one of the driving factors behind the Club.
A true friend who could always be counted on.
He died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 57. His death is a great loss to all of us but most of all to his wife Janni.

RIP 7 November 2013

2016 Inzanes are described in a seperate part

Rest in Peace Joop Angelier

Joop was an active and social Valkyrie Rider and Club member.
He combined his skills and hobby and developped many useful Valkyrie precision instruments.
But most of all, he was a friend you could always rely on.
He passed away at the age of 58 after a battle with cancer on 26 January 2018.
Our thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.

Take a look at this large and complete Lowlands photo album from 2001-2018

Germany Chapter



Area reps

Köln/Düsseldorf              Mid Germany              Westfalen     North Germany           East Germany          South Germany

Hartmut                                 Ali                            Pascal                     Blacky                        Broesel                           Ruth

The address of the German Chapter website is

VRCC Germany, represented by Ronny AKA Umbra and with its 502 Riders is the largest Valkyrie community in Europe.
As in every large country, the VRCC is faced with great distances between members. In the US, this has been overcome by the introduction of State Chapters and Area Reps. In Europe; a whole country would become a Chapter. While not as large as the US, some countries still face the same difficulty in managing the club and not knowing what’s going on thousands of kilometers further down the road.
In Germany, the VRCC solved this issue with the introduction of the so called ‘Stammtisch’, literally translated as tribe table: ‘Nortlichtern’, ‘Niedersachsen’, ‘Kelten’, Osten’, ‘Westfalen’, ‘Hessen’, ‘Fähre’, ‘Bayern’ and ‘Schwaben’. There, the local area members can meet and sit down at their club table in the pub.
In 2008, when VRCC Germany was faced with legal issues about the VRCC patch patent, it became a necessity for the club to create a legal entity, called the ‘Rathaus’ (Town Hall). Ideas, initiatives and concerns from the various ‘Stammtisch’ are passed on to the Rathaus and taken back by elected ‘trusted’ members

Andreas ‘Andy’ Schöler

Preceded by Micha Bergmann and later, Sven Siemonsen, Andy became the lasting Germany Country Rep for almost 2 decades. He started in 2000 and resigned in 2018. As VRCC Germany grew larger, Andy needed additional support. Each Stammtisch now has a representative, nominated by democratic election. These Reps, called trusted people (comparable with Area Reps) meet each other on a regular basis and together with the Country Rep and webmaster they form the Rathaus eV. Decisions made by the Rathaus then apply countrywide.
Since Germany has the largest group of VRCC Riders in Europe, the Chapter also represents the whole continent as far as communication with the VRCC US principles is concerned. Andy Schöler and his wife Bine from Berlin regularly reside in the US to visit their family.
As a matter of fact, he has his own Valkyrie in the US since Inzane V, Paducah. So he was nominated to take this upon him and act as EU Rep. Andy therefore, also presides the annual Chapter (read: country) Rep meeting during the EU Inzanes.
Thanks to Günni, the first webmaster of VRCC Germany, the following history information is still available:

On 3 July 2000 8:17 Micha Bergmann VRCC #1645 wrote to Lamont Bryden VRCC #1 the following email

Subject: German Chapter
Hi Bros,
I’m searching for my German Chapter in your Chapter-list. But I can only find the Italian and the Netherlands Chapter. Please, be so kind and post the German Chapter also. I just begin to organize all the Germans a little, and it’s important that a newcomer sees the whole member list.
I’m in close contact with the Chapters in Italy, France, Russia!! and Greece. Thank you so far …
Feel the power of six
Michael #1645

Lamont responded at 23:13 the same day:
We have members in Germany but no Chapter contact at this time. You can see the members by doing a search on the world page. If you like I can set you up as the contact for Germany. I will be in München on 13 of September I think. We will be at Trade Fair for Motorcycles and Scooters. It would be great if we could meet up with you and some of the other VRCC members there. Let me know.

On 4 July 2000 10:46 Micha Bergmann forwarded the following email to a group of people, which were members of the forum.
The addressees were:
Günni (Icke) VRCC#4733i; Harry VRCC#4642;
Hans VRCC#4588; Guido VRCC#4438;
Bernd VRCC#4294; Gerhard VRCC4276;
Steve VRCC#4250; Fraenkie VRCC#3218;
Kim VRCC#3163; Obelix VRCC#1548;
Sabine VRCC#1305; Martin VRCC#1605;
Manfred VRCC#1077; Ludger VRCC#426;
Harald VRCC#31; Paz VRCC#1114;

Hello members,
Since our German Chapter does not appear in the Chapter list of the VRCC, I made a request to LaMonster. You can read his answer below. When you all don’t disagree, I will act as German Secretary. Please mail me if you approve of this. In August, an English Valkyrie Chapter meets in Switzerland. If you like, you can ride as well and join them. Next year’s Meeting of the Italian Chapter will probably be held at Lake Garda. It would be great if a larger group of German Riders would attend. Okay… tell me what you think about it.
I appreciate alternative proposals as well. O, yes…. on 13 September LaMonster comes to München. We should be there with at least with a small representation. If you want to join………send me a short mail.

With these emails, the German VRCC Chapter was born. Of the 15 F6 Rider addressees, 7 responded and Micha Bergmann became the first German Country Rep.
On 7 July 2000, the first website was launched by Günther Langnickel, aka Günni or Icke.

On 8 July 2000, according to a Honda statement, 800 Valks were sold in Germany, 200 in Italy and 25 in Russia.

On 11 July 2000 Lamont aka Lamonster wrote, that the website homepage should be more recognizable as VRCC Germany Chapter and the website was altered accordingly.

On 13 July 2000, the first Forum of VRCC Germany was established where everyone could post his ride-outs, meetings, questions and wishes.

After some time, it was a feeling that an own homepage would be the optimum for VRCC Germany and its members. So Günter bought the domain and the Chapter became independent of hosting sites. It turned out to be a right decision. People started noticing the website and the number of members rocketed sky-high.

On 2 May 2001, Günter “Icke” VRCC#4733 received a Certificate of Merit from LaMonster and Micha Bergmann for his VRCC Germany webmaster achievements.

The VRCC chain of events at the Fähre Langel (Cologne) Chapter started more or less like this.

When Christa and I were in March 2000 at the Fähre (ferry crossing, later to become the Chapters meeting place) for the first time, there was no other F6 in sight anywhere. The more or less regular meetings came later.
The idea to organize a German “ride in meeting” was mainly discussed over the internet. Micha Bergmann our secretary, our webmaster Günter, our current webmaster Martin, Gerald Samer and I followed up. Thomas and Frimo were also present in one of these conspirative ‘Schuld’ meetings.

In April 2001 I got my Valkyrie. By chance I discovered the website ‘Valkrider’. It had a map of Germany, which was divided into regions. I just registered and from then on, an avalanche broke loose. Thomas had discovered the newcomer first (HUHUHU THOMAS) and Thomas informed Klaus (HALLO KLAUS) … at this time we resided at the Biker-Pitter. From there on, there was a monthly Stammtisch at the ferry-Langel….have not thought it possible, what it has resulted in to this day, and all this without Press and so!!! Personally, I wish it could go on so well for a long time … a come and go of a hard-core group… you and Tina were almost always there!
It was the 2nd Sunday, 14.10.2001 when we met for the first time in Schuld … Ochsy and Carmen and Günter were there as well. Christa and Klaus started talking about the first F6 meeting in Schuld.
The Austrians had their first F6 meeting in Mariazell. There was a great spirit. Pity I was not there.
On that very Sunday, Thomas called me. I’ve caught another Rider by the name of Frimo on the map!
Klaus replied,” He’s sitting next to us here in Schuld”.
Next, I attended the first meeting at the Fähre Langel. Since the season was about to end, many came by car. In January 2002, I had just 13000km on the clock and lay in the hospital. A VW Passat suddenly crossed a junction and I was sitting on my Valk and not in my Mercedes. Klaus and Thomas came to visit me. You guys are great.

In 2001 the Austrians already had their 4th meeting in Mariazell and their 5th meeting lined up in Hopfgarten in 2002. … Oh yeah, I just remembered the first time we met Ochsy. That was during breakfast in the “Black Eagle”. Gerald and Elvira had organized something over there. I think this was after the first German meeting, but before the first Benelux meeting…. Ochsy as always, came too late!!

2000 Well, if I look back, I was also part of it since 2000. For me, the internet was the most important thing.
I found the F6C homepage of Günter Langnickel and logged in. The first personal contact with other VRCC members was during the very first meeting in Schuld. Whether or not any other form of contact previously existed, I don’t recall. Only that there was the homepage of Günter Langnickel and everything ran via his website. In Schuld, the first discussions about a German meeting were held and I still had no motorcycle at that time. Klaus must have been thinking “What kind of fella is that anyway, comes over here, doesn’t even have a bike and is interested in a VRCC meeting “(BTW my trailer for the meeting was already sitting in my garage), LOL.
2001 On February 18, 2001, I got my Fat Lady. It was my first motorcycle ever. My start model, so to say.
The first time at the Fähre Langel was in spring 2001, before we went to the Garda lake Meeting. At some point, Klaus suggested that a “Stammtisch” on Thursday at the Fähre would be a nice idea. When exactly, I do not know anymore. Hence, the regular Fähre-Langel Stammtisch was born.
In April 2001, Angelika and I participated in the Italian meeting, which took place at the Garda Lake. It was cold. No heating in the chalets and freezing. While usually during this time of the year the temperatures range should be between 20 and 24 degrees Centigrade. In Garda, we met Sven (former secretary of VRCC Germany), Martin and Bine (webmaster), Andy and Bine (VRCC secretary), Günter and Jutta Langnickel (former webmaster), Micha and Astrid Bergmann (former secretary of VRCC Germany), Ecke and Petra (Triggerwheel), Silvano (webmaster Italy and Europe), Sheriff, Mario (mechanic of VRCC Italy), Einstein and Christine (they know everyone from Austria), Obelix (with his Goldwing ) and Steve B and Glynis (UK folks, he builds the big tanks). The first European contacts were established.
After some hard organizational labor, Klaus held the first VRCC Germany meeting in May 2001. He was supported by Christa, Rita, and Peter (from Schuld). But he certainly can tell that much better by himself. During Schuld 2001, further contacts were made. The VRCC community was growing in the USA, Europe, Germany and also at Fähre Langel. Klaus and I were chasing every F6C to “capture” the Rider. Klaus even caught a F6 Rider at a warehouse, because his Flat Six stood in the parking lot.
In late summer / autumn 2001 I made the first “Fähre Langel” Homepage and put it on the web. The address was (not active anymore) I then organized the first Goose Dinner in November 2001 in Düsseldorf.

Highlight in 2002 was, of course, the second VRCC Germany meeting, which Klaus and I had organized. In the preparatory phase, there was hardly a day when Klaus and I did not talk to each other at least once. Klaus could pick up the phone and say “Hello Thomas” unseen…. and was always right. We were greatly supported by Christa and Angelika and on location by Bikerpitter and Rita who assisted us in work and deed. In November I assembled everybody for another Goose Dinner.

Because I was rather pissed about various website issues, I bought the Forum myself in September 2003 and integrated it into the homepage, which was well received.
In October 2003, I bought another 300 Mb of web space at Evanzo, the homepage consequently moved to another address [url=][/url]
November 2003. O well…………. the traditional Goose dinner was again held in Düsseldorf-Urdenbach.

The Fähre Langel forum was taken over by Hartmut in September as well as the job of webmaster.
So, that’s it. There are certainly many more anecdotes, which we will save for the Stammtisch.
Andy (from Berlin)
There was a page of Volker Momberg that is now no longer active. With the first friends of the F6C. I still have the first response by Guido, our “Photo of the Day” winner on 26.05.99.

Well, I might as well join in and write how I became involved in the Fähre Langel and the VRCC.
I got my Valk in April 2001 and my dealer told me that F6’s were always meeting at the Fähre Langel. Since I am a bit slow, it was not until I was cleaning spilled fuel over my tank at a gas station that some other F6 Rider came over and told me what a nice bike I had. It was Dieter Röder. He invited me in at the Fähre and I was very glad that I went there. Very nice people.
Then came the first meeting in Schuld. Unfortunately, I was only there on Saturday and could not enjoy the entire meeting. So there I was.

Germany photo album

2001 & 2002 – Schuld

Initiated by one of the founders of Fähre Langel, Klaus Kötting, the first German VRCC-Germany meeting was held in the Eifel. The venue was the famous Bikertreff Haus Waldfrieden. The meeting was a great success, thanks to the commitment of the owners of the Waldfrieden house, Rita and Peter. Even today the participants are still talking about this first meeting.

During the ceremonies, we were welcomed by the Knights of the nearby castle, LOL

All revenues of the Schuld meeting went to the cancer fund. Here we see Klaus handing over the cheque.

The first meeting in Schuld was a great success and so much fun for all the participants and organizers, that it was repeated the next year. This time, Klaus Kötting received active support from Thomas Münzer. Like the first one, this Fähre Langel meeting was a true winner

If you look at the VRCC Germany membership numbers and the entry times, you’ll notice a big entrance wave in 2003. Previously, folks like Werner, Ede, Brösel, Valkvetter, Ernst, Coolair, Georg, Szymi, and Franky populated the board. The VRCC was founded by experienced Valkyrie Riders eager to assist new Riders.
Since 2003, the forum has changed from a technical forum into a more general communication platform. Jokes were introduced as well as cake recipes and of course we still got tips from our gifted mechanics such as Berni, Coolair, Pekardo, Klaus, Knud, Dirk, Sven and more. One can say the board became more fun to read and the seriousness was put somewhat aside.
Everyone was looking forward to the annual meetings in Germany before 2003. The ‘Schuld’ meetings were ‘big’, countrywide meetings. Now, numerous ‘smaller meetings’ were arranged, like the Nordlichter meeting, season-end in Bavaria, fall meeting in Spessart and the legendary ‘Maibaum’ meetings of course.
At these events, we all had great fun and our community was almost growing by the day. Just super.
The ‘die hard’ veteran members of the Fähre, who had committed themselves totally to the VRCC spirit, and the ‘club status’ were gradually making place for more fun orientated bikers and non-biker partners. Which were recognized at a very early stage BTW. Bikerpitter # 10905 and Jacques Mäder # 16153 were declared honorary members. Bikerpitter was the innkeeper in Schuld and Jacques a very dedicated Honda dealer, for their great commitment at the first meetings. With everybody’s consent.
A few years later, Mike (Chromi), also one of the first hours at the Fähre, and his wife Erika became grandparents. The grandchild was issued a VRCC membership number, and the buggy transformed with VRCC memorabilia. This was, besides a funny gag, a true tribute to the VRCC.
The Fähre Langel Chapter also gave a VRCC patch to Didi with his VTX to express the gratitude for his hard Chapter work. With us, it does not matter what you ride, as long as you ride and comply with the Chapters’ basic rules. The possession of a Valk is not a prerequisite for membership, with us everyone is welcome.

2003 – Wüstenrot

When I bought a F6C in 2003 and learned about Fähre Langel on the Internet, I was skeptical at first.
This skepticism was immediately gone when I visited the Stammtisch. I found a community that was fun, which was helpful, honest and open. There were no ranks and classes; no “I have more to say than you”.
I saw familiarity, reliability, security and “a word was a word”. And all had the same sign on their backs.
The patch from the VRCC. I also wanted to be part of this community. So I looked at the website of the VRCC in the US and completely agreed with the views and rules and regs of this club. Also the Mission Statements mirrored what I experienced at the ferry. Fairness, openness, etc.
Then came the 2003 meeting in Wüstenrot. This was the first meeting I attended, and I met folks from the North-East, the Bavarians, the old and the new federal states and this continued in Lüben, Gifhorn, Haẞfurt and so on. I only felt friendliness, exuberance, familiarity, willingness to help and reliability. Just great!

2003 – Berlin

2004 – Lüben

Organized by Heiko, Knud & Helpers

Mike and Erika got married during the 2004 Lüben Meeting. Congratulations!


2005 – Haẞfurt


2006 – Gifhorn


As mentioned earlier in the Europe introduction, in Gifhorn the VRCC Country Reps came together and decided that in the future each country in turn would organize a Europe-wide Meeting, starting in Karpacz, Poland in 2007. This, by no means would exclude Chapters from organizing their own meetings. Due to the organizing complexity-, effort and sometimes large amounts of advance payments for such a meeting, the individual countries were asked to deconflict this EU Inzane with their local meetings.

Larry, a US military serving his country in Germany soon became a regular visitor of various meetings and VRCC EU family member all around Europe with his Valkyrie

2007 – Nordlichter Treffen


2007 – Hessen Stammtisch


2008 – Braunschweig

2008 Landshut
Valkyrie Riders from all over Germany celebrate the city’s 800 years existence

37 Valkyries were required to write the word Landshut

2011 – Möhnesee
Videos and

Isn’t it nice, to see the bond of Valkyrie Riders from so many Nations.

On 23-26 June 2011 a Meeting was organized at the Möhnesee by the Westfalen Chapter. When I arrived in the shining sun together with Sjaak, I found Henny, Janni and Jules already there. I was warmly welcomed by the reception committee and it was good to see so many friends again. Colin, Ingrid, Angelika and friends ran a great deal of the organization and made sure we did not get anything short. Even a tailor was there for sewing your patch on your vest. WOW. There were about 240 bikers and more than 150 Valks at this meeting. The accommodation was from origin a Union Hotel and was beautifully situated at the lake, only a few hundred meters from the dam.
After I had admired some other Valkyries (the Germans are always very active with modifications, customizing and accessories) and had a chat here and there, we went to dinner with nice schnitzels.
And needless to say, some nice German beers to top it off. In the evening we were welcomed by Pascal and a disco continued in a cozy atmosphere.

On Friday there were 4 rides set out in the beautiful Sauerland, which varied from advanced to relaxed.
After the previous night, I decided to take the last one. It was indeed a beautiful trip and we rode with about 40 Valkyries. Unfortunately, the weather became increasingly threatening and it started to rain with intervals. There were of course some breaks and we had lunch on a terrace in front of a pastry shop. After we consumed a German (pastry) calorie bomb with our coffee, we drove 170 km further and arrived at the hotel, where we discovered that Jobo had had an accident. He slided over an oil track on the road and the Valkyrie had toppled and hit the asphalt on both sides. Fortunately, there was no personal injury but the machine was seriously damaged. The Valkyrie was brought to the hotel with the ADAC road assistance.
I heard Jobo was well insured so the main personal damage was shaking emotions and a great deal of fear and anger.
Both Peter and Mischi had their parts and accessories shops installed on the site. Furthermore, there were three more stands with LED lights, heated handlebars and a tailor.
Needless to say that many happy customers left the shops with chrome and parts. Even a completely pimped Valkyrie changed ownership. After another nice dinner we were taken to a cruise ship on the Möhnesee. On board a magnificent rock’n roll show was given by the ‘Crazy Chicks’. Two slick dudes, complete with greasy hair and three ladies, who seemed to come straight out of the 50’s, performed a swirling musical show. Of course, no one could sit still and people were dancing everywhere. All bikers were transported to and from this event by coach.

Videos and

On Saturday we did the ‘Elephant Walk ‘ for about 120 km. The row of bikes seemed endless and we spent lunch in a covered terrace on a lake nearby. Again, this day was not blessed with sunny weather either, but that did not jeopardize the good spirit one bit.
The ride ended in Soest, where everyone could do some shopping. After a delicious BBQ back in the hotel there was a raffle with prizes that varied from chrome polish to a set of tires and an expensive helmet.
A little later, we were treated to a Blues Brothers act, very well done with the necessary humor. After that, we had a great time with Jobo’s singing.

This Germany Treffen was characterized by a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where everything was organized to perfection by a great team who, I believe, slept 4 hours all week long. And this paid off. All participants felt at ease and enjoyed themselves, thanks to the translation of Colin who interpreted all the speeches and instructions (Colin is Irish born and emigrated to Germany). On Sunday, I arrived home, tired but satisfied, a few pounds heavier and with a very dirty bike. This meeting had really been a top hit as a matter of fact a new standard has been set. Very well done and may thanks again, Orga Team!

Valkyrie Song by Jobo
Ein Lied auf das schönste Bike der Welt. Aufgenommen und gesungen von Jobo auf dem Honda-F6C-Treffen 2011 am Möhnesee, Deutschland……
Translated: A song about the best bike in the world. Sung and recorded by Jobo at the meeting.


We owe Heike, Ingrid and Marita big time for great riding, an excellent program, super party and entertainment

On board sunset over the Dam Humor over future meetings in 2025

In memoriam: Werner Schäfer

Werner died of cerebral hemorrhage while swimming on 10th of May 2011
He was well known and respected throughout the entire VRCC. He was one of the driving forces behind most Meetings including Lüben, Giffin and Brunswick and participated in Inzane and Cheaha.



Ten Years Spessart Treffen

Ten Years Hessen Stammtisch by Skorpi

Ten Years Westfalen Stammtisch by ValkriderWestfalen

2014 Dyke Tour
Rides and meetings are not limited to state/country borders, obviously.  Adjecent Chapters meet each other regularly. As was the case between Faehre Langel and Lowlands in 2014 and 2015.
Lowlands invited their German Bros for a tour along the River Meuse. It was a great trip until after lunch at the ‘Laughing Fish’ Restaurant when we were caught by a hell of a thundershower and got soaked to our bones.

Video by Ingrid

In 2015 Faehre Langel took Lowlands to the Eifel for an overnight stay. Beautiful weekend trip that took us to the Biker Treff Haus Waldfrieden in Suhl where the first German meeting was held.

German Riders have a better forecaster, sunshine all over!                                                                        Bison’s bike

We were doing a game of skill, balance and cunning, LOL Put your butt and feet in 2 wobbling beercases that are dangling on a broomstick between 2 chairs.
Hold your balance and wipe away 4 towels off each chairback.

2017 Numbers
According to harrycologne, there were 1209 Valkyrie motorcycles registered in Germany on 1 January 2017.

2017 – Suhl

Note: EU Inzanes are covered in a separate part

JimC – VRCC German connection visits Wisconsin

Jorg stopped over in Wisconsin in between work assignments. It seems that one of his appointments was cancelled due to the fact that it was smack dab in the State of Texas. I guess he felt that it would be a little drier UP NORT.

Here we are during I believe Jorg’s first Wisconsin FISH FRY, in an old original Wisconsin Supper Club. The meal is served family style, and all you can eat! It consisted of fried fish, baked fish, fried chicken, french fries, American potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and German potato salad (Jorg said it wasn’t genuine, but we didn’t care) A good time was had by all, and no one left hungry.
Saturday consisted of about a 4 to 5-hour ride on the scenic drive through the Kettle Moraine Forrest to and from a nice biker bar that served a great lunch. Jorg borrowed Don and Barb’s standard, and they doubled up on their trike. It was fun seeing Jorg, hope he does it again soon.

In an attempt to resolve the different feelings and opinions within the Chapter, VRCC Germany organized a round table conference in March in the town of Suhl. All Valkyrie Riders from Germany as well as representatives from abroad were invited to participate in this meeting. After the very well organized and constructive conference moderated by Hartmut and Andy everyone left the meeting in good spirit

2018 Carmen
In January, Carmen started to organize a new area Chapter in the East.
‘I would like to organize regular meetings in our region. I hope I’ll get a lot of support from the Eastern region. To start off, I sent an e-mail to all known bikers in the Eastern region with support from Andy.
Everyone interested, I ask for a short info. I will then, hopefully with a lot of feedback, create a website and set a favorable location for all of us. As I’ve already said, this is a serious attempt to make something happen’.
Greeting Carmen from Ahrensfelde # 38630

Hartmut – A small but special meeting.
Perhaps you know that we are doing a tour with Colin in Ireland, his birthplace.
He showed us around and we were very impressed by the countryside and , most of all, the friendly people.
I happened to be calling Pascal and he told me that Ronny was crossing the Scottish waters as captain of a navy corvette. Well, I said to myself: “Why not give him a call.”
Ronny’s answer was: “We can meet in Belfast in two days. I’ll tell you where I will dock in the harbor “.
He did not have to say this twice and Colin changed the planning accordingly and we rode to Belfast.

Sad that we already had to say goodbye in the late afternoon. But when I left, I challenged Ronny with the VRCC Coin……bad luck for him, LOL. But he had already offered coffee onboard.
The next day around 6:00 pm, a car pulled up in front of our hotel in Portrush. And guess who was there – Ronny. He stood in the doorway, showing the flag of the VRCC Westfalen. “I still have to pay my debt.”

We spent a very nice evening together that started with a meal and lasted until dawn.
Truly amazing to see how being a VRCC member carrying his Challenge Coin can lead to surprises and team spirit abroad.
Again, a big thank you and well done, Westfalen Chapter. On one hand for Ronny who spontaneously arranged the meeting and of course to Colin, who instantly adapted his plan.

1 May 2018 – Andy’s resignation as Country Rep and Rathaus Treasurer.

My dear friends,
I have struggled with my decision, but I see no future for me as State Representative of the VRCC Germany.
It was a great and sometimes hard time, but I look back onto it with good memories.
I will be happy to continue being the link between you and our friends in the USA and maintain the EU Website [url=][/url] and his Sub Domains in the future
Andy, VRCC #7759

Wood Art by unknown Germany Rider

2018 – Kelten Treffen by Mister
One of the 2018 highlights was definitely the ‘Kelten Treffen’ from 18-21 May in Altenburg.

Hello Mister, dear Celts,
We got home again in good weather and relaxed traffic conditions. Thank you for the great organization of this nice meeting with great excursions into the past. The location, the staff, the program, the rides, everything was excellent. We will certainly talk about this meeting for a long time. And we have learned a lot of new things. Now we know that these tough guys have women who are surprisingly good with guns and rifles, and that ironing with wine is much more fun. Many thanks to all participants for the great spirit and atmosphere.
Lissy and Hartmut



Dressed up for dinner… must have been a great party

Rudi’s companion

United Kingdom Chapter

Robert ‘Bobbievalk’ Gibbons


The address of the UK Chapter website is and (mainly) Facebook

The UK has 283 VRCC members.

Bobbievalk’s Story

Bob Gibbons, from South Wales UK, purchased a Honda Valkyrie F6C in 1998, Bob had visited Daytona Bike Week in the USA a couple of times and spotted a Valkyrie and thought that that was the Bike for him.
At that time neither Bob nor any of his friends had Home Computers so did not have access to the Internet.
A friend, Ian Jones at that time riding a Kawasaki Vulcan, purchased a Computer for his Business and started searching the Internet, Ian found a Website known as Valkyries Lair and enrolled Bob and himself to the Forum.
On this website there was a Valkyrie Owner from Bristol England, Steve Morrish. Then another Valkyrie Rider, Steve Jones, joined the Forum and he was from Cardiff South Wales, not far from Bob and Ian.
Although we had not met either of them a contact was made.
Ian searched the Internet and found a Website, “Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club” (V.R.C.C ), and enrolled Bob into the Club, the enrollment form for Membership to the Club required a User Name or “Handle”
Ian entered” BobbieValk”, Bob Gibbons from then on was known as Bobbievalk.
Ian purchased a Valkyrie Interstate, and soon after The Valkyries Lair Website closed.

Ian began searching the Internet for Chrome Accessories and found a dealer, called Chris, who was setting up a business selling Parts & Accessories. This Business soon became Honda Direct Line.
Bob and Ian were attending Daytona Bike Week in March that year, 2001, and arranged to meet Chris to get accessories.
Bob had his own computer by now and started communicating with American V.R.C.C members, Ian and Bob made contact with Lamont Bryden, one of the Founder Members of the V.R.C.C and they all arranged to meet at Daytona

Lamont, Ian and Bob – Daytona 2001

At Daytona we were encouraged by Lamont starting the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club United Kingdom Chapter.
We had his blessing and support for our venture the VRCC UK , so that’s when it all began .
On our return to the UK Ian set about opening our first VRCC UK Website and his “Handle” became “La Prez”.

We had not met any other Valkyrie riders at this time but we had email addresses from the two Steve’s, Morrish and Jones , and others we had found. It was then decided we advertise our first ride out, this was to the Forest Of Dean in Gloucestershire England. We arranged to meet at The Forest of Dean Steam Railway.

We had around nine Valkyries turn up and here we all met for the first time, the rest as they say is history.
Soon we had more members joining us, some at that time did not have Valkyries but soon they realized how good a motorcycle the Valkyrie was and it wasn’t long before they purchased their own.
In those early days of VRCC UK it was nothing to have around 18 Valkyries out on a Sunday ride and we rode most Sundays. We started going abroad for weekend trips and holidays as a group, here we met other Valkyrie Riders and VRCC Clubs throughout Europe, we met good friends and I am proud to say they all remained good friends to this day.

September 2003 was to be our turn to organize VRCC UK’s first event, VRCC UK Euromeet, it was held at the Holiday Inn in Newport South Wales, this was a super event, the weather was kind in as much we had a mini heat wave, our Italian Friends brought with them heavy sweaters to keep out the UK cold, but it was warmer in Wales than it was in Milan for that weekend.

It was our second Euromeet this time in Carmarthen and another great event held in South Wales, by now our Club Membership had grown. In 2007 it was The Lakes, held in The Lake District Cumbria, a taste of Northern England for our intrepid travelers from across Europe, and I’m sure they were not disappointed.

We had The Meeting of Friends Aberporth West Wales , this time a smaller event than held before but we enjoyed it so much we went back again to Aberporth for The Meeting of Friends The Return in 2009.
Members from VRCC UK attended most European Events, and got to know a host of other Valkyrie Owners across Europe, many of which remain friends to this day.
2011 saw the 10 Year Anniversary of VRCC UK , the first celebration was The Midlands Bash at East Carlton Park Northamptonshire in August , then in September it was the big 10 Year Party Event The Meeting of Friends in Llangollen, North Wales .

VRCC UK members over the years have attended many Motorcycle Shows and have won a host of Awards at these Events and continue promoting our Club at as many Events as we can attend .

In June 2014 it was the VRCCUK’s turn to Host the 8th European Inzane. This Event was held at The Hinckley Island Hotel Leicestershire England. We had participants from all over Europe and 3 from the USA.
There were two Ride outs; the 1st was on the Friday to Bruntingthorpe Airfield for a BBQ and our guests had the chance to have their Bikes photographed alongside Cold War Jets. The 2nd Ride out on the Saturday was to The Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon.

Northern meet Video by Steve Dee
Panaramic of around 20 Valks standing outside Quality Hotel near Selby on the night before the Great Northern Meet 2014.
Filmed by a novice using a potatoe…

Although we have lost some Members through the years, VRCC UK still flourishes and continues friendship with other VRCC Clubs and Members throughout Europe and USA

2003 Euromeet

Beer’s Trip Report
We arrived the day before, on Wednesday. There was already a lot of activity going on at the Holiday Inn. Ian was there with his RV and trailer and giving his last instructions. The next day some 80 Valkyries arrived.
I was struck by the number of customized bikes. I’d never seen so many before; it was a beautiful sight. Marvin from Eurowing attended, this time without Sean, his mechanic was sick.

You know how it is with these bloody tourists from the continent, after a great day and party, they start to get inventive and open up the hotel indoor swimming pool at 2 o’ clock in the morning

After a warm welcome dinner and night, we rode a local tour of 160 km. with 70 Valkyries. The Wx was very nice and after leaving Newport, everyone could enjoy the narrow, curvy roads with hedges on both sides. (…or stone walls, you can never tell), so typical of the Welsh countryside. Sparsely populated in rolling terrain with lots of monuments, sheep and scenery. It did not take much imagination to visualize the myths and sagas of King Arthur. On a hillside, which showed a lot of similarities with the surroundings of a ‘Braveheart’ set, a break was entered. After that, the journey continued to the Brecon Railway Station that was serviced by a steam train during the season. Because the electricity went out, lunch had to be picked up in the dark station, LOL. That evening we were welcomed by a typical English variety program, inspired by humor and action. We were welcomed by the mayor of Newport. After a performance of an elderly, yet highly frivolous men’s choir, accompanied by the well-known school tart behind the piano, a series of acts were performed. Silvano had to endure Pete’s (more danger) whip and ended up with vibrating legs and dripping wet. Then followed another swirling show with a dancer on the lazy string and a very original act with ladies who had to inflate a balloon without hands and feet, followed by a balloon artist. The evening went on with a DJ and lasted until the late hours. As mentioned earlier, at 2:00 AM, the indoor swimming pool was rediscovered where the party went on.

This man crawled into a balloon                                          Lady with chainsaw                          Pete making Silvano sweat with his whip

The next day, another ride out was done, now with the Italians aboard as well because they arrived on Friday afternoon. We stopped at the Chepstow Castle, where a complete Welsh and English army from the thirteenth century was engaged in battle.
An authentic spectacle, consisting of hundreds of people who were completely transformed and wearing heavy costumes, coats of mail, armor and shields.
Due to the sunny and warm weather, most warriors (all athletes) in the surrounding tents were completely exhausted and taken care of by appropriately dressed ladies. I noticed something that I did not realize before. All these men, wearing some 100 lbs. of clothes and armor simply fell down on the ground from exhaustion after 15 minutes of heavy fighting. Completely drained of energy and easy meat for the opponent. Of course, all kinds of souvenirs were for sale and some steel helmets soon changed ownership to Valkyrie Riders.


1131 AD Abbey of Tintern Chepstow Medieval Battleground

On Saturday evening, the organization presented itself and a raffle was held with very nice prizes. The evening continued with a super blues band, the sound and lead singer’s voice reminded me of Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. Needless to say, we had a great time at the party. The Euromeet has been perfect. A good location, beautiful surroundings, nice weather and many ride outs all contributed to this great experience.
I have had a splendid time. The UK organizers have put their stamp firmly on the VRCC map with this Euromeet

Riding through the Welsh countryside…very impressive and spectacular for a flatlander like me

See how hot it was, our hosts took their bike                                      Great Party                                  Constructing a bike from balloons
for a spin with just their boots on

VRCC UK undressed Riding Team – Fun in the Sun

2004 Padova Expo
Some pleasantly disturbed UK Riders headed for Padova, Italy to watch the cruiser expo and have fun with their Italian Bros, LOL

2005 – Carmarthen
The second Euromeet at Carmarthen and another great event held in Wales.

Movies by Bobbievalk and

X-mas Party at Milano
Since the Padova Expo last year was such a great success, a prolongation was in order. Now, a considerable delegation of UK Riders visited Milano, Italy to celebrate Christmas with Italian Riders.



2007 – The Lakes
Meeting at the Lakes, held in The Lake District Cumbria, a taste of Northern England.


2008 & 2009 – Aberporth
Meeting of Friends Aberporth West Wales.

Videos by Bobbievalk
Part 1
Part 2

Stef (Belgium) handing Valhalla over to Bob (UK)

The Preseli Hills in West Wales where the Blue Stones to build Stonehenge came from. Some believe that Stonehenge was built there first then after some disaster moved to where it is now.

Rest in Peace Gary Greaves

Gary during a Cliniclowns dinner at Heerlen, NL in 2003

2010 Newspaper article
A farmer who pursued a group of off-road motorcyclists after they rode on his land killed one of them when his Land Rover Discovery toppled on to him after a collision. Timothy Wolfe, 63, went after the group of five bikers when he saw them cross his field in October 2010. Wolfe had had problems with off-road bikers before and was ‘upset and angry’ about them being on his land and he pursued them so he could ‘remonstrate’ with them. He collided with one of the bikes, leading to the death of father-of-one Gary Greaves formerly from Portsmouth who later moved to Arundel, West Sussex. Wolfe, from Sunwood Farm, Ditcham, near Petersfield, denies the manslaughter of Mr. Greaves and causing actual bodily harm to another rider, Andrew Kirkpatrick, by wanton and furious driving. The group had been taking part in an activity called green laning but had become lost. They had gone across the field of stubble owned by Wolfe to try to find another route, but found it blocked and so the men went back. They then turned on to a muddy track with Wolfe behind. The farmer collided with Mr. Kirkpatrick who in turn collided with his friend Mr. Greaves, 48, on another trial bike. The Land Rover toppled over on to Mr. Greaves, pinning him under the vehicle.
Read more at: and
Sadly to say the Court found him not guilty of the charges against him. We in the VRCC UK are disgusted by this verdict.

2011 Beer – Gary Greaves Memorial Run
Gary lost his life in a tragic accident. He was a kind person, true friend, had sense of humor and charisma. Being an active Rider, he had friends all over Europe. On Saturday, August 20th 2011, a memorial ceremony and ride-out was organized in Arundel, West Sussex in honor of his memory. On behalf of VRCC Lowlands, Stefan, Sophie, Gerard, Jenneke, Lisanne, José and Beer paid their respect. In Arundel, Stefan showed us the chapel where Gary was laid down and people could pay their last respect.

When we arrived at the Hilton hotel, we were warmly welcomed by our UK friends. Pete and Ian with their spouses were present as well. José had taken a flight and stayed overnight at Carol’s place. There were 45 Valkyries at the hotel.
The next morning, Bobbie had arranged a photographer and everyone’s picture was taken before we went to Portsmouth.

As a former member of the Royal Navy, Gary once had dinner with his guests on board HMS Victory, the flagship of Lord Nelson.
So, a small ceremony was held and pictures of the Valkyries were taken in front of the tall ship.

After this impressive stop, we continued to Portchester Castle where the remembrance service of Gary took place. In the cemetery of the church under a tree, a clergywoman took the floor and flowers were laid down under the tree in Gary’s memory.
A very emotional moment, even more so by the clergywoman dressed in a white robe standing in the shade of this centuries-old tree between the tombstones. At certain places you get the feeling that you stand at a somehow mystical, sacred place that has been there forever. This was one of those moments.

After the ceremony we headed for a nearby hillside where you could oversee the Solent and the city. We proceeded on a ride out through the hills of Hampshire and Sussex as Gary would have wanted it. In the evening, 150 relatives and friends of Gary had assembled for dinner where Gary’s Valkyrie was also parked at the entrance. I admired Carol for her courage to give a speech and taking care of presenting raffles for the cancer fund.
Pete (more danger) with his whip gave a whirling show, breaking in halves something that Stefan had between his legs. At 22:00, we enjoyed the show of a true Elvis imitator with an amazingly identical voice. He made us feel like we were in Vegas in 70’s. Soon, people were dancing on the tunes of Elvis’ many famous songs. Bad luck for the ladies however; this Elvis did not wiggle his hips LOL. After dinner, we sat down on the terrace for a chat. The following morning, we said goodbye to Carol, Bob and our other English friends and rode back across the winding roads to the ferry at Dover.
I am glad we had the opportunity to pay our respect and be witness of this emotional memorial run. Gary, you will always be in our heart.

2011/2012- Llangollen
Celebration of a Great Club with Great Friends

Beer – Llangollen Meeting of Friends 2011
No less than 13 Benelux members left for this meeting from 8 to 10 September to celebrate the 10th anniversary of VRCC Wales. On Wednesday we met Stefan, Gerard and Jenneke and other Gerard at a gas station on the HWY A2 and later on HWY A15 Henny and Janni joined us. Martien and Clemy followed by car. They took Johan and Annemiek along. Finally, Robert joined us in Rotterdam. We booked the ferry to Hull and it turned out to be a great evening, especially since Colin, Ingrid and Jobo from Germany were also on board. The next day we rode to Llangollen, a very nice trip of about 320 km inland. We were warmly welcomed at the hotel Bryn Howel by Bobbie and other English friends.
In the evening an informative ‘Road Safety’ presentation was given by the North Wales police.
On Friday we rode to Llanberis in the Snowdonia National Park, one of the larger attractions in Wales with a ‘Mountain Railway’ including steam locomotive and the Lake Railway as well as the Electric Mountain and a slate museum
You could also take a walk to the Llanberis pass and the town of Nant Peris with an old church and well. There was a tale, dating from the 19th century, stating that if disabled people saw the two holy fish in the pit, healing would instantly follow.
Some 25 of the 50 Valkyries stayed in Llanberis and the rest rode with Bob for an additional trip. On the way back we passed through the ‘Horseshoe Pass’ with a beautiful view of the landscape and the Ponderosa Ranch.
That evening wearing ‘Funny Shoes’ was mandatory. After an excellent dinner, prizes were awarded and we danced to the music of ‘The Whole Hogg’, a live cover band. During the break the Benelux members performed a sketch and song and our hosts also provided a sketch in the form of a clairvoyant, who had to stop prematurely because he only mentioned seeing dirty minds and erotic activities, LOL.
On Saturday we rode together to the hills, lakes, peat bogs and sheep. Crossing the horseshoe pass and the Nant-Y-Garth pass we visited Ruthin and Llyn Brenig, where an artificial lake was constructed in 1976 as a drinking water reservoir. We continued along scenic Mynydd Hireathog and the Denbigh Lakes to Ffestiniog, the slate capital of Wales. During WW2, all paintings, works of art and crown jewels of among others, Buckingham Palace were safely stored here in a mine.
Unfortunately, Gerard slided on a paved country road and his Interstate ended up against one of the stone walls along the road. Except for a bruised ankle Gerard was fine; his Interstate on the other hand, had a broken screen and a dent in the tank. This caused some delay because the bike had to be checked and his screen taped in. By the time Gerard and his Interstate could ride again, we took a shortcut to the hotel.
That evening the 10th anniversary was celebrated with another live band ‘Morty & the Frantics’.
After a copious dinner, speeches were given and some people ended up in the spotlight. Benelux received a beautiful souvenir plaque and Celtic ornament and Beer was given a handy bag to store his passport (since he constantly couldn’t find the document during the crossing).
Stefan was offered a sheep from Wales (he preferred the Belgian specimen) and Gerard was given a present for his bad luck and given the nickname ‘Stonewall’ Gerard. Bobbie in return received a nice souvenir for his great hospitality. The evening ended with the usual drinks and fun till the bar closed at about 2 o’clock.
The next morning, we thanked Bobbie and his crew for this excellent meeting and hospitality.
On the way back we paid an overnight visit to Tony and Dianne in Newport. U2 are simply the best.
Back on the ferry we had a nice & calm return trip and after saying good-bye, everyone went home on Thursday.
The Meeting of Friends 2011 was characterized by a nice spirit and cozy atmosphere, great rides through a beautiful landscape and for Wales, reasonably good weather (here and there a light shower but nothing of any significance).
The hotel manager was so impressed by the meeting that he gladly offered to make his hotel available again in July 2012. Bobbie accepted this offer so the next Meeting in Wales was pinned down straight away

In 2012 the first Event was The Donyatt Ding Dong together with the Big Six Club in Donyatt Sommerset, then back to Llangollen once more for The Olympic Event, this time it was held in July, another great weekend spent with friends. August Dragons in The Park Transport Gala at East Carlton Park Northampton where rain almost stopped play but all enjoyed themselves none the less and VRCCUK hosted a Club Stand again at The West Wales Motorcycle Show in Carmarthen we won best Club Stand and numerous Prizes for our bikes on show. Later in the year VRCCUK hosted a Club Stand at the BMF Tail End Show Peterborough again Best Club Stand, you can’t beat these Valkyries

VRCC hippie chicks at the 2012 Llangollen Meeting


Rest in Peace Tony ‘Antonio’ Simmonds

Tony was a part of the VRCCUK from its infancy and had a big role to play within the Club
He had a knack of welcoming New Members in an entertaining although sometimes peculiar way
He made everyone feel at home within the Valkyrie Club
So many of our members have said it was Tony and Dianne who were the first to make them welcome into our midst and they will always be thankful to both of them for the warmth and friendship they received
Always willing to lend a hand at VRCC Events, Tony enjoyed Testing new Routes and Riding the many Back Roads with The Gang although not all of Bob’s Back Roads
On Rideout’s He was always there helping to herd us all together and ensuring no one was left behind
He was humorous and enjoyed teasing people and making fun of the situations we found ourselves in
and there were many funny situations we found ourselves in
Tony will never be forgotten
He was , and will always be , a part of VRCC UK
And as we Ride Today , and in the Future , we will not Ride alone
Tony will always be in your Rear View Mirror Riding beside you

2013 Torquay
2013 Started with The 3rd Great Northern Meet in April, we returned to The Lake District and as luck would have it the weather was kind to us, it snowed the weeks before but cleared just in time. Return of The Mac’s London Tour as the name suggests we toured London in the capable hands of our Tour Guide Dave Mac, a spectacle to behold as the Valks descended on London on a sunny April Saturday. The Donyatt Ding Dong was again in May and another great weekend. June saw the Summer Solstice Run and some of us went to Raalte in The Netherlands for the Benelux Weekend. August was Dragons in The Park in Corby, a good Ride out and as usual another great Event. The Welsh Lads had a Club Stand at The West Wales Motorcycle Show at Carmarthen, again taking Best Club Stand and other Awards. This year’s Hi Lite was held at Torquay, we had Dragons on The Moor Ride through Dartmoor and a Custom Show was held for us on the Sea Front, another successful weekend with Friends. Mick Manchester Hosted a Ride to France in October and before we knew it the year had ended.

Torquay Teasers
Animated, well done Bob! Super.

Beer – Torquay Trip Report
A meeting in Torquay was organized by VRCC UK from 12-14 September 2013. This beautiful coastal location in Devon is also known as the English Riviera.
The Imperial Hotel with its bay view was completely styled in the days when Agatha Christie had lived here.
…well, almost

Thursday afternoon we arrived at the Imperial Hotel. Bobbie was already standing by to open the barrier of the large parking garage and it was nice to see him again. He immediately dragged us along, we had to see the latest water-cooled Harley Davidson Electra he has gotten a hold on the very last minute. The bike was supposed to be officially released in the UK a day later. So we had an early scoop.
Theo and Trees from Noord Holland were already at the bar and gradually some 200 plus Riders were checking in. I enjoyed meeting friends again and it was nice to see so many Riders show up at the bar.
After a couple of drinks, we went to the reception where Leita, Sue and Dianne gave us a warm welcome and the usual info and tickets. In the same room, people were displaying parts and chrome accessories that were offered for sale. In the evening there was a buffet and disco. Bobbie had, as usual, spent a lot of work in next day’s route and gave a presentation of a number of historical points on the route that we would pass by. The atmosphere was great and became even better after seeing more friends and a few more drinks, LOL.
In the meantime, Anthony & Lonny, Collin & Ingrid, Robert & Antoinette, Jos & Yvonne and Stefan had also arrived.
The following morning, some hundred Valkyries left for Dartmoor together and the route took us to a remote area where a maximum-security prison was located. We visited the nearby museum and were briefed that this prison was founded in Napoleonic times to accommodate French prisoners of war.

We used lunch at the ‘Two Bridges’ hotel in an environment that reminded me of the ‘Hound of the Baskerville’. At about 16:00 PM we were back in the hotel and many bikes were cleaned and polished by a number of participants because they would participate in a ‘custom show’ on the promenade the next day to collect money for a charity fund, the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.
During the cleaning, TV interviews were recorded by two journalists under training and that gave me a chance to brag about our wonderful machines, the Club and its Riders. But that was nothing compared to what Colin ‘Ulsterman’ Kirkpatrick had to say later on. I really got the impression that he loves his bike equally, if not more than his wife, LOL.
That evening, dinner was in Agatha Christie style and everyone was dressed up accordingly. We had a jolly time pretending to be someone different. Very funny. Later that evening, there was a spectacular cabaret show from Francis, a juggler and of course Pete ‘more danger’ with his whip. Sam also sang some nice and sensitive songs to the audience. You’re simply the best, Sam.

Because it was great weather, Stefan and I decided not to join the static show on Saturday but take a ride through the area. The ride was very exciting with countless, practically extinct paved curved roads with the well-known stone walls. We ordered something for lunch, called a ‘Scottish egg’ with ‘ale chutney’. It turned out to be a meatball with a boiled egg in it and it tasted very good.
That evening it was ladies’ night and all the ladies had put themselves in evening dresses. WOW, I was astonished how well these ladies were dressed up, considering it all had to come out of a hardbag.
There was a very nice raffle and a lot of prizes were given away. I was so fortunate to win free accommodation at the hotel, where Inzane 8 would be held the following year.
After a very nice dinner we went to the dance floor, accompanied by music from a live band, ‘Thick as Thieves’ who played covers from the ’70s and ’80s. Needless to say, the evening went on until the early hours. The next morning, we said goodbye and made a nice return trip together with Jack and JJ and we were invited to stay for the night at John’s place in Southampton. Torquay 2013 was a fabulous Meeting, extremely well organized and incorporated everything a Rider can wish for. Very well done!



THE VALK O STEP (must see)
A Fun Video for Valkyrie Motorcycle Owners

Bike cam and

VRCC Torquay 2013 – ride out on the 13th of September by Bobbievalk
Start of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (VRCC UK) Friday ride out from the Imperial hotel, Torquay. The destination was a tour around Dartmoor, with stops for lunch at Two-Bridges and a visit to the museum of the notorious Dartmoor prison in Princetown. and

VRCCUK Torquay2013 add 2

The Winner of The Room Raffle for Inzane 8 – Beer & Cynthia from the Netherlands

I drink to that…. Thanks Bob. We had a wonderful time in Torquay and enjoyed every moment of it. Great organization, company, show, tour and much more.
Please, pass my gratitude to all the other folks of your team who helped out. First time I won a prize at a lottery since 1971, LOL

Hi, I will be supporting France at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Saturday, Do you think my dress is OK?
I am not wishing to offend my Friends, but this is how many in the UK think Frenchmen look, it’s just for a bit of fun and may upset a few Welshmen… Apologies for the Basque Beret but it’s all I had.

3rd Northern Meet – Lake District by Come into my World by Bobbievalk
……organized by Mick Manchester and BobbieValk. Mick had spent time and carefully planned the route he even rode up here a few days ago as the snow was still loitering and he wanted to make sure it was OK.
I know he and Bobbie have put a huge amount of time and effort organizing the weekend.

Red and black always goes together well as does lipstick and stockings.                                 At the top of Honister Pass..
looking towards Buttermere

Black Bart of Fyve                                                                                                                 The Team

VRCC UK 2014 Rides by Bobbievalk

Sunday Dinner Club by Bobbievalk

Teaser by Anthony Partridge

Very funny WW2 parody

Diane Hippychick by Bobbievalk

2014 Hinckley

The EU Inzanes are described in the following part.

4th Northern Meet by Bobbievalk

VRCC UK Events Part 1 and 2 by Bobbievalk

Dragons in the Park by Bobbievalk

2015 again the first Event was The 5th Great Northern Meet, hosted again by our Northern Crew this year it was held at The Ibis Chesterfield North and the Ride out took us through the Derbyshire Dales. Our guys did us proud with the organization and stunning scenery of the Dales. It was May and The Donyatt Ding Dong in Somerset, hosted by Mick Ions a popular Event this with a chance to get your tents out. June some of our Members travelled to France for the 9th European Inzane, another great Event and a chance to ride in the French Alps.
August and it was Jim Stewart’s turn to Host the Annual Dragons in The Park Event at Corby, again well attended and another successful event and a favorite with our members.
September it was VRCCUK on The Cliff’s Edge, held at The Cliff Hotel in Cardigan West Wales participants enjoyed the spectacular Welsh Coast and Pembrokeshire. Entertainment was endured by Guests as Members performed on a Country Music and Fancy-Dress Night.

Great Northern Meet by Bobbievalk (this video may not open in some countries due to copyright issues)

Pembrokeshire by Bobbievalk

The Cliff’s Edge by Bobbievalk

Teaser by Bobbievalk Cliff’s Egde Entertainment Advert

Part 1
The Lakes
Ride ou   t

The Valco Inflato Seat (Great humor)

Copdock Bike Show.
October, Dave ‘Zorba’ Martin organized a Club Stand at The Copdock Motorcycle Show. The spectacular VRCC UK Club Stand was a real attraction at this great Event and plans are in motion to attend next year’s Show
‘OK Brother’s & Sisters, here is an update on the Copdock Bike Show.
Date; Sunday 4th October Venue; Trinity Park Ipswich
I have formally applied to the committee for a club stand this year, it will be the first time for us to appear, other members have been to the show and thought we should start to have a presence here to show the world the beauty that is the “Valkyrie”

2016 – Gloucester

Video by Bobbievalk (this video may not open in some countries due to copyright issues)

After 3 super days in Wales based in Carnaerfon and led by our outstanding Roadmaster Stef, who showed us some beautiful places and also made our way into Gloucester a great ride out and very nice adventure. Our VRCC UK friends gave us a warm welcome on our arrival in the Hallmark Hotel. They always let us feel at home straight away. The hotel rooms were super, the food was good and the staff very friendly. The Thursday evening was a nice catching up with old and new friends. On Friday Ken showed us the nice area around Gloucester and of course the funny dress evening with a lot of laughing and Bob was actually playing his base guitar with the band. Great night lots of fun.
The Saturday ride out was a bit rainy and as usual Bob did his best to find the dirtiest roads and river crossings LOL. We had the lunch break at the historical train station in Toddington. In the evening after the good meal the lottery was picked, prices were given out and the very special one (exhausted cup) is sitting now underneath my TV. It was all over far too quick and we are looking forward to meet again next year.

Bristol Bike Show 2016

Thank you Jobo to come all the way from Germany and the Illustrious Diamond Geezer from Spain, good to see you Geoff.

2017 – Cathedral City & Llandrindod Wells

Video by Steve Skarratt


Beer – Llandrindod Wells Trip Report
On Tuesday I had an RV with Stefan, Colin and Ingrid at the Kruibeke gas station. We continued to Ypres for the Last Post Last Post For those who have never been to Ypres, this is the place where in 14-18 the German military advance against France stagnated. Here, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been killed in and around the trenches in 4 major battles. Out of respect for the fallen and as a reminder to what war can lead, this daily ceremony has been held here ever since, for hundred years now. We also spent the night there in a B & B.
It was very nice and sunny weather and it would remain like that during the whole weekend, even in Wales!
On Wednesday we took the 11:45 Ferry from Calais to Dover and arrived in England an hour earlier. Stefan had a very nice route this time and we used secondary roads into the English landscape. Because we were with 4 bikes only, were able to keep a nice pace on the winding country roads. It was pure enjoyment.
We stopped at the 18 locks of Caen Hill and continued to Marlborough where we stayed for the night in a restored Manor House. As it turned out, we ended up in the middle of a cavalry tank range (at that time not active). After having an English breakfast, we rode to Bristol and stopped at the Newport Transporter Bridge  This river crossing dated 1906, consisted of a platform where a dozen cars could park and be hoisted over the river by means of a cable construction. There are only a handful of these built worldwide. For a few pounds we were allowed to go up and down with the Valks. Really amazing, as with the locks, to see what sophisticated engeneering could produce after the industrial revolution. From there on we went into the hills of Wales to Llandrindod Wells. A small village ‘In the middle of nowhere’.
We were warmly welcomed by Bobbie, Leita and Diana and it did not take long before we had a nice ‘pint’ of lager and diggin’up memories with our 50 other friends. It felt like being part of a large family. Very cozy and casual. Our hotel was dressed up in Victorian style and the rooms fully modernized. After dinner we danced with Colin ‘Ulsterman’ as DJ.
On Friday everyone could take a route by themselves and we followed Stef, our roadmaster into the hills of Wales. He showed us a lonely rock from the glacial period on one of the hilltops. The story goes that this rock was erected there 3000 years ago by the prehistorical locals and it is said that people have seen the giant rock move to the nearby river on midsummernight. That’s nice about Wales. We would have said that it was a remain of the glacier period. Since it stands up erect and by it’s own, in Wales a myth or tale must be attached to it. Absolutely great. And it makes sense too in this desolated area with tombstones and stonehenges of days long forgotten. We proceeded for a beautiful ride through the sunny Elan valley. Absolutely astonishing.
That evening we enjoyed another typical English dinner and Bobbie and a guitarist from his band went onstage . It was the first time that they performed together like that and they played a mix of Country & Western and Blues. Very nice indeed and you could tell that they have done this many times in the past. They sounded like professionals and we loved the repertoire.
On Saturday, a nice ride was made with over 25 bikes to the ‘Lion’ Pub for lunch. This location is beautifully situated by a river with an historic bridge.
In the evening a DJ played music and lottery prizes were handed out. Also the ‘Exhausted Cup’ trophy was shown that has been in use since 2008. This trophy is awarded every year to a participant of the MOF who has had some sort of misfortune.

Tony & Dianne “STELVIO PASS”
For falling off on The Stelvio Pass Italy

Steve B & Glynis “SOOTY”
While cleaning chimney wondered why the wood sheet was blocking the chimney on removing said sheet got covered in soot , ongoing to another room finding another sheet , removed that and got covered in soot yet again !

Leita Juster “HOT PERSUIT”
Whilst riding her Valk on A40, she was passed by a Black Car full of Men who immediately re passed her , She wasn’t having that , She overtook yet again passing the Car at speed , presumed to be 80mph the Black Car then put on its Blue Flashing Lights
It was a Police High Speed Driving Training Car full of Policemen

Whist Marshalling at a VRCCUK Event in Llangollen North Wales , skidded on grass and ran into a Stone Wall

Cormac & Penny O’Keefe “FRANKFURT FINALE”
Whist on their very first European Trip on their Interstate , had a puncture on the Autoroute in Frankfurt Germany , had to spend extra days in Germany sorting the repair

Stuart & Julie Marsden “DRAGONS IN THE PARK”
Whilst parking his Valkyrie at Dragons In The Park , Stuart skidded on grass and dropped the bike , deciding it wasn’t safe for Julie to ride her bike on the grass moved it for her and duly fell off that one too

Jim Stewart “FIRE FLY TANK”
Nearly caught his bike on fire in garage , draining fuel tank & after Painting Tank decided to he did not like colour so Re Painted , whilst polishing after the Re Paint He dropped the Tank on the floor leaving it with a big dent, Also for painting the Fly to it

Trying to start his Valk with the Horn Switch on the Rideout for The Cliff’s Edge

Colin Kirkpatrick INGRID’S RADIATOR
Colin washed Ingrid’s Bike at Inzane X, found a leak in the radiator, dismantled radiator
then drove from Houffalize to Maastricht to have it fixed at a Dealers. Dealer couldn’t find a fault.
Said it was probably too much Rain and the Bike Wash which made it appear to be faulty

Tiger Bob – Bobbievalk tyred out & lost
On the way to Meeting of Friends had a rear puncture and an electrical fault Rac. Recovered Bike to Baz Bikes for repair , Baz ,shop owner, lent Bob his Triumph Tiger. Bob duly fell off it ! ALSO For getting lost on The Welsh Hills whilst Leading The Rideout

Dirk ‘Snowwhite’ Vosters
Left the gas station in Llandrindod Wells without his wife, Josette who went to the washroom. Did not notice any difference.

On Sunday we said goodbye to our English/Welsh friends and took secondary country roads through Wales and the Midlands to Harwich. On the way we stopped at a Pub for lunch. As is turned out, we stopped in the middle of a roadster and classic sports car event. Just great and what a beautiful sight. After a quiet ferry crossing we said goodbye in Hoek van Holland and returned home, tired but very satisfied. It had been a great week. We have had the opportunity to put some really nice miles on the bike in the hills of Wales every day.
I want to thank our Roadmaster Stef for the way he showed us around. Just super, Stef!
And Bobbie and his crew for the great event and nice company by everyone. You’re simply the Best!

Lest We Forget by Bobbievalk

VOC (Valkyrie Owners Club)

A small group of UK members proceeded on a different path with the Valkyrie Owners Club, launched in January 2016 by Mick Manchester and Dave ‘Zorba’ Martin.
During the spring, Dave and Mick toured the majority of Chapters on the continent to explain their POV and promote their Club.
They were full of plans for the future. Just after having finished his 2500-mile tour through Europe, Dave was told he had incurable cancer and only a few months to live. His funeral was held October 13th at 15:00 PM.

Editor’s Note
Strictly spoken, the VOC does not belong in this VRCC History. As is the case with the VOAI, Colorado’s High Country Cruisers, Crossroads Bikerorden and other Valkyrie groups.
I decided to make an exception for two reasons:

1. The frontrunners of this group have always been very active and loyal VRCC members in the past, both in the saddle and on trhe forums.
2. The tragic loss of Dave (Zorba) Martin.


Rest in Peace Dave (Zorba) Martin
It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce David (Zorba) Martin, true Brother and Vice Chairman and founding member of the Valkyrie Owners Club has passed away after a short battle with Cancer.
There are so many clichés I could spout, I won’t because none of them would be sufficient to let those who didn’t know Dave know how great a man he was, a true humanist and a true Gentleman.
Until we meet again Brother, always in our hearts.
Our thought and condolences to his lovely Wife Cyndi and family.


Mickmanchester’s Blog 2011-2017 Very nice and informative blog
I first started blogging as a way to keep in touch while I toured the USA in 2007 on my motorbike, enjoyed the story telling so much I continued posting when I returned to the UK.

France Chapter

Jean-Claude Signé Furax


Editor’s Note
I would like to thank Alain Latourneur for assisting me with VRCC France.

VRCC France was born in November 2001. Since summer is the best time for meetings, we arranged our first France meeting during that period of the next year in Valence, in the south of France.
We went to “Pic” (One of the most famous restaurants in France) for the occasion. We will meet again in Paris on September 14th: a stroll and a dinner are on the program. Have fun and ride freely …

Organization of VRCC France.

From beginning to 2003
President:     Jérôme
Webmaster: Jerome.

2004 to 2009
President:    Tom
Webmaster: Nico

2010 to 2103
A period with joint Presidents : The Pirate – John – Yann – Jean – Nico – Rene – Fifi Legnat.
Webmaster: Nico

Since 2014
Split responsibilities by capacity.
Ambassador: Fifi Legnat.
Moderator and responsible for the map of France CrazyValk members: Grand Lu – –
Web Master: Nico
Administrator of the site: Clyde

Some early pics from Loups Noirs de Côte Bretonne de pléneuf Val-André
(HOG) Party at Papagayo
What a night. It was raining, our ladies were drinking, but we won the leather jacket.

Evreux Meeting
Always fun at the rally in Evreux, with a little film and more !

Les Dinantais avec les Dinannais
They came in great numbers, these Belgians … And what a beautiful ride we had, led by the Armorians ! Pure happiness, with a nice visit to the automobile museum

2003 – Paris International Valkyrie Meeting

2005 Tom – Gorge du Tarn
Here is a short summary of the weekend for members who could not attend.
On Thursday, 5 bikes took the road direction “Saint Rome de Dolan”, a small village of Aveyron located between Millau and Sainte-Enimie above the Gorge du Tarn.
After getting to know each other, parking the bikes and settling in the rooms, the evening did not get too long given the distances covered and the travel time of each one.
Present were Jacques (Cogolin, 83, California), Mac Do (Nancy, 54), John & Isa (Bordeaux, 33), Michou & Sylvie (Lyon, 69) and we; Tom & Mag!
On Friday we woke up overlooking the river and relatively early for all (maybe thanks to the warning of Jacques for the makeup of our ladies!) After breakfast, everyone was ready for the meeting so we left a little earlier towards Séverac le Château (meeting point with Franck, Isa, Bernard and Line).
We took time to drink a coffee and make a group photo before finding future “Corsicans”.

After this moment, we entered the A75 to cross the viaduct of Millau and now Mag will be responsible for taking pictures when we ride.

Everything goes well while in the opposite direction a vehicle has crashed perpendicular to the central rail !
To cover the distance, we were not taking much notice of the landscape which we would trespass later in the day. The timing was adhered to and at noon we arrived at the restaurant where Gilles and Cathy (Toulouse, 31) joined us.

The meal was typical for the region, served quickly as requested and it allowed us to talk a bit, share adventures and getting to know other Riders better. I must say that in Thursday’s group, 4 out of 8 people had made it to US Route 66 so they made us drool.
It took Franck, Isa, Bernard and Line 14 hours to travel towards the south where we will visit the region.
We took the direction of Albi to head to Millau (the city) and pass under this impressive work … not easy to find a place to take the picture with the viaduct in the background and only after having crossed the bridge we find a place from where the (previopus page) photo was taken.
Next, we rode in the direction of Vigan on a nice little road in the Gorges de la Dourbe and then back on the Causses not far from Mount Aigoual (gla gla) on random small winding roads with very few traffic.
After an hour, we replenished ourselves in a small inn in the middle of nowhere. I was unable to find it on a map.
We coninued to the cave of Dargilan to do a little exercise (121 steps down and then back with the leather gear and headphones from Mac Donalds given the height of the ceiling!) We visited the beautiful and memorable cave for an hour. After this hour, we rehydrated ourselves in a small inn lost somewhere and that I will be unable to find (it was not in the program on the road book).

In the morning we filled up to save time. At 10:00 everyone is ready and after aligning the motorcycles for a photo, we descend into the Gorge duTarn at a reduced pace and in beautiful sunshine Wx we follow the River Tarn crossing small picturesque villages.
We enjoyed these beautiful landscapes (do not forget to look for the road, LOL) A photo stop on the outskirts of Sainte-Enimie and Gus is putting on his short sleeves for the rest of the trip.
At a quarter to 12, we arrived at the restaurant and parked the motorcycles in this busy little town. The restaurant is a nice surprise! In addition to a warm welcome, we were served as princes with succulent dishes… we wonder if we can make it back on the road again. Everyone had a copious meal and leaves ‘L’Auberge du Moulin’ with a delighted feeling. Certainly worth a recommendation.
We proceeded to Florac with a slightly higher pace and pleasant temperatures.In Florac we started to climb to cross Les Causses on a deserted road, just accessible by motorcycle because of its width! In the meantime overlooking the gorge, we admired all these rock formations and landscapes. We spent two hours just to cross 55 km and at 16:30 we arrived at the dragons scenery stop. This stop was appreciated by all and the video movies of these raptors were very interesting. During our tour, there was a lot of laughter! Thirsty, we returned to the center to take a shower before the evening. Behind some nice drinks and dishes at the cold buffet with the right music playing, all conditions were met for a nice evening that started right away with a toast and anecdotes. We continued getting to know each better and all enjoyed ‘finally’ meeting each other in person. Messages on the Forum will now be different between us. We thought about the people who did not participate and will likely leave the VRCC.
In between two stories of Alain we filled our stomach with food and drinks and had a cozy and meaningful evening. At 2 :00 AM we decided it’s time to go to bed.

In 2005 the website was renewed

The Chapter consisted of 300 members

2006 – 16 and 17 September 2006 : Nationale – 27000 Evreux / 36 Riders.
Organized by Tom, VRCC president

2006 Patrick Maillé – VRCC France Trombinoscope Video

Mont Ventoux Video

Patrick Maillé – Gorge du Verdon Video – Spectacular Canyon
Altitude 1500 m during ride through les Gorges du Verdon May 2006

Gorges de la Nesque

2007 : 34 French Riders participate in the first EU Inzane in Poland

2007 Patrick Maillé – Vercors
VRCC members of VRCC France ride out to the Vercors in May 2007

2008 TDM – Terres Du Milieu – 63000 Clermont Ferrand / 123 participants.
Organisation by FiFi Legnat

2009 Fifi Legnat – Ballade en Auvergne – Les Terres du Milieu

2009 : TDH – Terres Des Hommes – 46500 Rocamadour / 118 participants.
Organisation Fifi/CoCo/Yann

2010 INZANE France – 88540 Bussang/ 285 participants

Inzanes will be described in the next part

2011 TDE – Terres De l’Eau
03200 Vichy / 98 participants.
Organisation Fifi/CoCo/Yann

2012 jpvarth – Souvenirs d’Aurillac

TDV – Terres Des Vaches – 15000 Aurillac / 120 participants
Organisation Fifi/CoCo/Yann

jpvart – Souvenirs d’Aurillac

TDP – Terres Des Papes 13670 Saint Andiol : 110 participants.
Organisation Fifi/CoCo/Yann

Roman Aquaduct

Fifi and Fray from Italy dressed in French coat with sword

TDC – Terres Des Châtaignes – 07510 Saint Cirgues en Montagne : 65 participants
Organisation – Alain/Fifi/Franck92/Le Outard}

2015 INZANE France – Dragons dans les Alpes – 74120 Praz Sur Arly – 280 participants.
Organisation Alain/Fifi/Franck92/Le Outard

2015 – Armorzane by Frederic DuBeuf
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

2017 TDR – Terres Du Rocquefort – 12100 MILLAU : 92 participants
Organisation Fifi/Franck92/Le Outard

Video (images) by Niavlys Durant

2018 Terre du Beaujolais – 69910 Villé Morgon : 62 participants
Organisation Michel/Fifi/Franck92/Le Outard

Spain Chapter

Gift from oZ                                                                                              Colin

Like many of his countrymen, Colin traded in the wet English climate for a sunny residence in Denia, Spain.
In 2009 he started a VRCC Chapter which has been slowly but steadily growing to over 26 members by 2010. As a token of appreciation, he received a Spanish VRCC flag from oZ.

Editor’s Note
Although the Spanish Mediterranean coastal areas are ideal for year-round cruising in terms of climate and landscape, somehow the Valkyrie sales have not reached significant numbers as in adjacent countries like France and to some extent, Italy. Strange because the Spanish population in general is very outdoor orientated and sporty. Cycling for instance, is very popular.

2009 Calpe Bike Day
A lovely warm sunny day for the annual Calpe Bike Day with about 400 bikes of all makes and models at the beer tent start and about 200 took part in the ride out around the town and along the seafront. I met up with a German Valkyrie owner and a Spanish Rune owner who also owns a Valkyrie. A great day in the sun on a bike.

Hello everybody!
New user from Madrid, and proud owner of a ’98 STD.
Congratulations with your web, Colin, and I agree: we’ve got to find more owners to see this chapter growing up. Well, if somebody comes to Madrid, please, contact me and I will put some beers in the frigo

2010 Oliva Matinal
I went to Oliva Matinal today, this is one of the largest matinals held in this area of Spain. I met an owner of a Red and Black Valk who lives in Planes and also another owner of a Black Rune who lives in Gandia. I gave them both details of the VRCC and hope we will see them on here soon.

Albir Matinal

Police guarding a Valk

Rock y Tapas

2011 – May Ride

Colin’s suggestions for a Spanish Round Robin
Hotels in Spain are many and varied. You can find what are called Casa Rurals which are what we would call B&B’s. They are not always the cheapest, usually run by non-Spanish. You then have the more usual pensions and hotels with the usual 1 to 5-star ratings. In my experience the lower rating ones are very good value and more than adequate with little difference between 1 and 4 stars in a lot of cases. You will be travelling at the start of the season and so prices should be reasonable. I would expect to pay between 40€ and 60€ a night, for the room not per person, all reception desks will happily tell you the price. You may well have to pay extra for the secure parking of your Valk.
As to camping hopefully someone else will answer as I have no experience of camping in Spain.
You will have a great time with some fabulous riding roads and scenery. If you get into the twisty stuff you will be in 3rd or 4th so don’t forget you will use more petrol than normal and petrol stations may not be that abundant.

2016 – Tumppi (from Finland)
Our 4th winter here in Fuengirola. This time I also brought Lady Rosita here, cause I had an accident with her in Finland in September by a reversing school bus that ran over it. I’ll repair her here, I found a good garage by CostaRiders in Boliches.
Done so far some 9000km here in 2 winters, mainly around Costa del Sol and with the jolly crowd on CostaRiders.
I’m still waiting for my USA-spare part order, that ADT Postale kept at Madrid Aero Puerto by mistake 9 weeks ago!!! Alberto-the Valkyrist helped me and now it seems like solved.
It’s a pity I’ve had my lady parked on the street- first time ever, cause there ain’t garages at the urbanization. Have asked neighbors, but nothing so far. And we’ve seen the latest weather forecast…..

Today I went to a matinal in Gandia and met up with a Valkyrie rider from Valencia who tells me that there are two more red and white Valkyries in Valencia.
I then went to the matinal in Castell de Rugat and there met up with two more Valkyries one of which was the rare red and black color.
It is rare to see another Valkyrie and to see 3 new ones to me today was excellent.

Dragon at the Spanish/Gibraltar border

Ireland Chapter   (2005 website with still active links) (2008 website)

Cory O’ Connor

I first met Paul, Ann and Conor during the 2003 Italy Valkyrie Meeting. Conor did not have his Valkyrie yet. Very nice folks, we got along real fine and had a great time.
Soon afterwards, I met other Riders from Ireland, Cory O’Connor (Chapter Rep) and of course, he’s always there, Gerry (Valkyrie Irl) Mooney.
Although Ireland only has about 25 VRCC members, their Meetings were amongst the absolute best.

Paul, Conor and Ann                                                                                                                                                  Gerry

2006 Meeting Videos by Bobbievalk
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Perhaps the first of many pleasant surprises you notice in Ireland, besides their great sense of humor, is the speed limit of 100 km/hr. Almost everywhere, even if you can hardly keep up with half as much, LOL .
As in the UK, it is a custom that the evenings revolve around a certain ‘theme’. Riders, including women are dressed up accordingly with whatever they can take along in their saddlebags. Sketches are performed by Riders onstage.
This adds up to the fun and makes the occasion much more personal and memorable.
Here a photographic trip report and impression of the 2006 Int’l VRCC Ireland Meeting

‘Walk like an Egyptian’ was a hit at that time, so was this great performance

Stefan(B), Cory(IRL) and Steve B(UK)

Visit to a museum, here the Irish dissidents/ freedom fighters were imprisoned by their English rulers

Time for lunch at a famous Irish Pub

Steve B’s Blu & Blown Monster, notice the tail fin exhausts                                                                            Henny(RIP), Hanne and Janni (NL)

Jobo(G) and Antonio(RIP – Wales)


With Conor Nolan, Susan Watkins, Anthony Simmonds(RIP), Sabine Schöler, Andreas Schöler, Stef Martens, Henny Lammertink (RIP), Jenneke Gommans, Geoff Jones, Gerard Gommans, Paul Nolan, Samantha Sanger and Glynis Morrish.

2010 Beer – Down and Out

After a, initially rainy trip to Calais-Dover, we crossed the Magic Roundabout

We proceeded to Swansea-Cork, took another ferry and arrived on September 9 at the Celtic Ross Hotel & Leisure Center. After being warmly welcomed by our Irish hosts, we went to the bar to taste a genuine Guinness beer.
The next day we were able to enjoy the area, Ring of Kerry and the Killarney National Park
There were about 60 Riders with 40 Valkyries at the Meeting and the spirit was excellent with a traditional Bailey’s reception and great weather. On Friday the sun was shining again and we rode 180km on the winding Irish roads to Glengariff, where we had lunch in a real ‘cottage bar’. After lunch, we proceeded to the Healy Pass and via a nice route back to the hotel. We stayed at the Beara peninsula, where the warm sea current causes the seawater temperature never to drop below 18 degrees Centigrade. The area and vegetation were subtropical.

Waterville, favourite holiday location of Charly Chaplin

In the evening, everybody had to wear a mustache and Ted won a prize. The Irish VRCC members had made a sketch, based on the TV series ‘That’s your Life’.
In a swirling show, we saw Ted’s life passing by as a baby, puberty, ballerina, jockey and exhibitionist, which of course caused a lot of hilarity.

On Saturday it was also dry weather and we went to the Inchydoney beach, where a rope contest was organized. After the contest, we proceeded to Fort Charles
where we received an excellent guided tour and used lunch at a Sea View Cafe in Kinsale.

In the afternoon we continued to the famous Mary cave for a stop and from there on to the Dromberg Stone Circle, , a Stonehenge.

Statue and pilgrimage cave of the Virgin Mary

Back in the hotel everyone dressed up as a bum and prizes and memorabilia were presented. Of course, we could not leave without singing some stag songs with a rather erotic pitch. It was a fabulous party, even the next door’s wedding couple and party guests were joining us for a while.
After a firm Irish breakfast on Sunday we said goodbye and rode to the Caha Pass , Molls Gap and Ladies View to the Connor Pass . Just before the Shannon River at Tarbert, near Charlie Chaplin’s favorite residence, we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast overnight and headed for the Cliffs Of Moher and Galway to Kylemore Abbey to stay in Clifden. After that, we were heading for Dublin for the ferry to Holyhead. When we arrived in Wales, we had to stop for and visit and proceeded to Caernarfon, where we spent the night in the castle walls in the cozy Black Boy Inn.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndwwllllogerychogyrogogoch station Via the Peak District, we arrived in Hull, where we took the ferry to Rotterdam.
During the Down @ Out Meeting we had a super bike week. A very cozy Meeting combined with a few extra days with beautiful rides through a landscape resembling a set of the Lord of the Rings, especially with low-cloud ceilings and fog.
Valk and Rider were tested much, but it was worth every penny and mile.

Visiting a pub in Ireland is a must. The music and friendly people……Jenneke just had to sing along Laura had great fun too…….

Theme of this evening was to dress up as tramps, hobo’s and vagrants………………… Bobbie & Beer in their natural habitat, LOL

Reception with Bailey’s…Two typical Irish products, milk and whisky mixed together…..tasted great BTW

Denmark Chapters

                                                                                                                                 Allan Buhl                                Preben Nielsen

VRCC Denmark is divided into 2 Chapters.  Denmark North with 30 members, represented by Allan and since 2007 VRCC Denmark with 11 Riders by Preben.
Websites North and Denmark

VRCC Denmark North
An administrative fee is charged for membership. This allows the club to keep track of its members and to keep the website up- and running.

As descendants of the Vikings, I should note that the history of VRCC Denmark began over a millenium ago. After all, these were the people that started riding Valkyries to their heaven, LOL
The VRCC Denmark website states that it’s quite easy to see the resemblance between a Valkyrie motorcycle and a Valkyrie woman, they both serve as a means of transportation and are elegant, attractive and have style.
Like the Valkyrie women, the “bike” is a token from the gods.

If you were to you buy a new GL1500C in Denmark, you’d better bring a war goddess along to the bank for a loan, because the high-chromed Honda costed a fortune in this country (almost 40 grand USD).

2013 Lindholmhøj

Thanks to Lindholmhøje Museum and Aalborg Park Management as well as the valkyrie woman Dorthe and photographer Dennis.
Video Lindholmhøj

VRCC Denmark visit to the Norse mythology sand sculpures in Blokhus
Video Sandskulptur Festival 2013 Hune

International Meeting at Lolland

Editor’s Note
My apologies for the poor pics. I took them of the website but they are low resolution.
Any help from Valkyrie Riders Nord is greatly appreciated


TV Ost broadcast

Motorcykeltræf på Lolland
Skinnende maskiner i solen og højlydte motorer: I dag holdt motorcykelklubben Valkyrie Riders internationalt motorcykeltræf i Toreby på Lolland.

Med solskin og blå himmel var der lagt op til en god dag for motorcykelklubben Valkyrie Riders, der i dag holdt internationalt motorcykeltræf i Toreby på Lolland.
Det er det første træf af slagsen og 22 valkyrie motorcykler fra både Danmark, Tyskland og Sverige var samlet.
Arrangørene var tilfredse med dagen, og de planlægger at gentage succesen næste år.
Motorcykeltræffet i Toreby begyndte allerede i går og fortsætter helt frem til på søndag.

2012-2015 Fælles Meetings

2016 Fælles Meeting


The old lighthouse at Roneklint

Some random pics

VRCC Denmark Division
A difference of opinion caused VRCC Denmark to split up in two Chapters.
VRCC Denmark North – Previous paragraph – and VRCC Denmark (following)

Valkyrie Riders MC Danmark VRCC

This group of 11 Riders, led by Preben Nielsen started their own website and Chapter in 2007.
The club is registered in Denmark, member of the VRCC and aims to gather all the Valkyrians
in the country for joint events.


Sweden Chapter

                                                                                                                                      Arne Rosenkvist


The VRCC story in Sweden starts in 2003, with a ride out weekend in Siljan.
In 2014, VRCC Sweden had 70 members

VRCC Sweden is divided in different areas, each with a separate representative.
North            – Thomas Aro
Middle          – Oleg Wennström
Stockholm  – Bjarne Björnerman/ Arne Rosenkvist – National Representative
South             – Lena Aspling Fallgren

To keep track of current members, in 2006 a decision was made  to charge an administrative fee for membership. This also allows VRCC Sweden to keep it’s website up- and running.

2003 Siljan Ride

2004 Lidköping Meeting

Läckö Castle – Brynolf Algotsson laid the foundations in 1298

2005 Vaxholm Meeting
VRCC Sweden made a cruise and rode through the Stockholm and Sveavägen area.

2006 Luleå Meeting

In Luleå, the annual general members meeting was held

2006 Nordkapp Trip
Note: The geographical latitude of Nordkap (Norway) equals that of Barrow, Alaska

Scales of Alaska and Sweden differ (Sweden is about the distance Houston to LA)



Notice a crossing herd of reindeer


2007 Göteborg Meeting

2009 Storsund Meeting



2011 EU Inzane V

Inzanes are discussed seperately in the next part


2018 Ride outs

The prettiest built bikes in the world.                                                                                       A VRCC evening in Enköping.

Göteborg                                                                                                                                               2017 Gotland

Norway Chapter

                                                                                                          Bjørn Ovnerud

VRCC Norway has 124 members
The Chapter Rep and webmaster is Bjørn Ovnerud.

The history of the Norwegian VRCC started in 2001 after I went to the Italian meeting in April, where I met Silvano Merati. Sil told me what to do and whom to contact.
I became the Norwegian “leader” in 2001 until 2010, when I asked Dag Verpeide to take over.
Early 2017 Dag asked Bjørn to represent Norway again due to his illness.
The Norwegian riders are living far apart from each other, so they don’t have many meetings. They usually meet each other on international events and keep in touch on Facebook.
There have been three national meetings, Rødberg 2002 and Bud 2010 / 2016. In 2003 we also had an International meeting in Rødberg with approximately 40 Riders all together.
VRCC Norway also organized some off season meetings (winter) without bikes in Bergen 2006 / 2007 and Kristiansund in 2011 and has helped bikers planning trips in Norway or participated as “guide” a couple of times…

Dag Verpeide
Dag also runs several websites about the Valkyrie and was technically as well as socially, very active until he got sick in 2017. He is also a regular participant of the Texas VRCC events.
He has mastered the art of having a drone flying on top of him while he’s riding

Websites and

Dag´s YouTube Channel – 62 videos

…and 16 videos more

The Norwegian website, especially from Dag is very informative and most events are taken on video.
VRCC Norway is mainly active on Facebook.

The VRCC websites are occasionally updated but not a primary means of communication

Dag Verpeide – Valkyrie Ride through Europe 2009 – Must see
(Part 1) – 14 days 12 countries 11,000 Kilometers

(Part2) – From Rimini (Italy) to Crete (Greece)

(Part3) – Greece, Albania, Montenegro

(Part4) – Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria to border of Czech Republic

(Part5) – Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden back to Norway

2010 The Honda Valkyrie Ride to Eikesdal
This area is very mountainous, surrounded by peaks up to 1964 meters high, which caused the architecture in this valley to be different than that of other villages.
The natural wonder that is Eikesdal is at the southern end of Eikesdal Lake, the largest lake in Møre and Romsdal province. The lake is about 20 kilometers long and 155 meters deep.
Kleneggen (1964 m) is Eikesdal’s highest mountain.
Majestic Mardalsfossen remains a tourist attraction during the summer.
The total height is 655m and this qualifies Mardalsfossen as the world’s fourth highest waterfall. Free fall is 297meters

Coastal Route and Lofoten

2014 MadGain – Lofoten

Trollstigen and Geiranger

Tribute to Valkyrie

Trollstigen Norway – Fabulous nature ride (This video may not open in some countries due to copyright issues)


2018 pics by Svein Emil Nyborg

Finland Chapter

Tuomo ‘Tumppi’ Multanen

Editor’s Note
A special thanks to Lasse Kaitasalo for his assistance and great introduction

Introduction by Lasse

First a few words to give you, the reader, an idea of the bike scene in Finland. The Honda Valkyrie (sold in Finland as the F6C) is not a common bike anywhere. But in Finland it is even more rare. There are ~ 230.000 bikes registered in Finland of which there are ~ 100 Valkyries. The Valkyrie was imported by the official importer, Otto Brandt Oy, into Finland between 1997 – 2001. That was time when Valkyries were imported before the company replaced it with the 1800 cc VTX in the import pallet. The only model was the Standard. One could purchase a Tour pack with the bike. That included the OEM wind shield, sissy bar and leather bags. I fell in love with the bike at the Helsinki Bike Fair in February 1997, where the Valkyrie (F6C) was first introduced in Finland.

The start of the club in Finland began July 15th 2004 when I bought my first Valkyrie. The very next day when riding to the sea shore in Helsinki I saw another Valk parked on the side of the street. I decided with my girlfriend to wait until the owner came back to his bike and talk with him. While waiting we started to hope that the rider is not also a sailor. The café is along the side of a marina and this happened on a warm, sunny Friday. So if we were out of luck, the rider had taken his boat out for the weekend…. Fortunately, this was not the case!
The rider finally came and we approached him. We talked for about over an hour. He had been riding a Valk for a long time already. Imported bikes from the US and also searched the register for information regarding the amount of bikes. At that point Otto Brandt Oy had brought 125 Valks.
At the end of the talk I expressed my ambition to start gathering the contact information of Finnish Valk riders for information sharing and networking. There were only a handful of mechanics that understood the “mindset” of the Fat Lady. e.g. the setting of the six carbs is something that not everyone can do. We agreed that when encountering a fellow Valk rider on the road we would share my contact information.
During that summer every time I saw a Valkyrie, I stopped the rider for a talk. Semi-mild psychological violence was used 😉 to get the contact information. Some were more eager than others to join. The most frequent question was: “What does this cost?”. Shoulders dropped when they heard this is completely free.
The more enthusiastic riders also started to gather contact info and so the movement spread. In the beginning I sent e-mails to the people. There were also a few riders without an email address. They were contacted by phone.
By Christmas I had something like 25 names on my list. We agreed to have a meeting on February 5th 2005 at the Helsinki Bike Show. There were 11 people present. We decided to form Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Finland. I was elected as the leader. It was also decided that the leader’s title is President.

Finnish meetings
Finland is a large country compared to the population. VRCC Finland has had ~ 80 members around the country. The distance from South to the most Northern members is over 1000 kilometers. Therefore, participating in a ride together is not easy.
We organized the first Finnish meeting in Jyväskylä in 2005. There were something like 10 Valkyries present. The next meeting was held 2006 at Kaskinen, Finland’s smallest town on the West coast. There were again something like 10 bikes present.
After I had promised that Finland will organize the European Inzane in 2009, we had the first meeting in Asikkala in September 2007. In this meeting I asked the other members to volunteer as organizers and participate in the different duties. The response was overwhelming! The crowds common will was to aim – and to arrange the best meeting ever! From the kick-off we had 19 people working in different jobs to make the meeting happen. I have never seen such team spirit and enthusiasm!
When organizing the Finnish European Inzane we had two meetings at the Inzane location Hotel Vaakuna Kouvola, in order for us to secure all things were taken into account in our preparations. We went through the procedures, menus, etc. several times.
After the Inzane we held a Post Inzane meeting in central Finland for the people who participated in organizing the meeting.

VRCC Finland goes international
The first ever Valkyrie meeting in Europe where there was a Finn present was the Hassfurt meeting in 2005. When riding down with my girlfriend I had our share of mishaps on the road. Our alternator broke in Sweden and delayed us for two days in the south of Sweden. We finally reached Hassfurt late Friday evening.
Harald from Norway had spotted us on the Who’s Coming List. He had been looking for us amongst the participants. When we finally met, he “took us under his wings” and introduced us to the crowd. The wonderful reception and warmth of the community was overwhelming.
In 2006 Gifhorn I participated in the presidents meeting for the first time. In this meeting Andy brought up that people in central Europe had been discussing for several years about how to differentiate one meeting from the many meetings organized in Europe every year. The aim was to lift up one of them for people, that could participate to only one meeting from far away countries. I suggested that this meeting would also be named Inzane, like the world’s largest meeting in the US. But since this would be here “on the old continent”, it would be called: European Inzane. This idea was agreed upon unanimously.
As all of us who ever have been involved in organizing a meeting, not even mention an international meeting know, one year is very little time to make it happen. Courageously Tomo, the leader of Polish VRCC volunteered to organize the #1 European Inzane. Werner and Ede volunteered to organize the following meeting in 2008.
#1 European Inzane 2007 took place in Karpacz, Poland. In this meeting four Finnish VRCC bikes participated. In this meeting I volunteered to organize the European Inzane in 2009 with the Finnish VRCC members.
#2 European Inzane, 2008 Braunschweig, Germany. During this meeting the Finns made an educational learning trip. None of the participants had ever been in a European meeting. There were 12 Finns present on 7 Valkyries and one Yamaha. Ten of our          participants were members of our own Inzane’s organizer team for next year.
#3 European Inzane, 2009 Kouvola, Finland, June 25th – 27th 2009.

Editor’s Note
EU Inzanes will be covered seperately in the following Chapter.

Getting a Valk out of a stuck-frozen garage-door for an Early Finn-Spring-Cruise is only a matter of gutt’s and machinery!
Concrete goes!! And brings back memories of days driving a Harley…..


Our gang on the Lund Market. Life is good


The Valkyrie Riders are exploring Finland’s cultural historical place at Elias Lönnrot’s birth home in thrush. The underlying building is over 200 years old, the image bikers are a little younger, LOL

2012 Handover Presidency from Lasse to Tumppi

2014 – Inzane VIII, Hinckley UK – Lasse and Pia First Ride of the Season

Since 2016, Finland Chapter organizes an annual rally called Finzane. All Riders are welcome.

The organisation members 2016 Program

These nice patches were designed in 2016

2017 – Meeting at Kalajoen hiekkasärkät.

Trip to Narvik (North of the Artic Circle ~ As Hope in Alaska)

2019 – Finzane IV

Babes’n Gents!
The official release of VRCC-Finland’s Finzane IV is here. Welcome!
Saturday’s Tree Day program includes Snow Shoeing with bikes, Slow Riding, possibly Frisbee Golf Tournaments and finishing with a self service BBQ and chilling at the waterfront in the wilderness.
We are happy to provide tips on landscaping and sightseeing in the surrounding area.

Adjustments before the start of the riding season

Czech Republic Chapter
Multilingual Website

          Stanley # 31067



In 2005, Roman registered the VRCC Czech Republic in the US and began recruiting members back home.
The next year, in April 2006 the first 10 members and friends officially founded the club in the Czech Republic.
The founding members were: Roman-Prague, Radim -Trinec, Libor -Kromeríž, Old-Prague, Rosta -Jihlava, Radim – Chotebor, Mirek and Jarmila -Kutná Hora, Rosta – Ostrava, Zbynek –Trinec.
As the VRCC Czech Republic evolved, some changes in the statutes were adopted to be officially recognized by the Czech motorcycle scene.
It was not until November 2012, that the ‘colors’ of the VRCC Chapter on the back were officially approved by all parties.
It should be noted that the MC’s in the Czech Republic are not to be confused with the ‘outlaw’ MC’s, which are neither recognized nor welcome.
The Chapter is now run by President Stanley and his vice Donatelo.

Founding of the Chapter ocurred in Sraz on 22 April 2006 with 11 Valkyries.

Before – Romans Zebra Valkyrie – After

First Ride – Podebrady
Novel wrote: After a crazy winter came the long-awaited moment of the “first run” in 2006. Miraculously, it was a beautiful day and we could proceed for this event on a regular basis.
We proudly rolled in; lots of Riders had a ‘Cold Turkey’ feeling in their eyes. We drove 3 hrs. on our VRCC maiden trip in the direction of Old Rícany, where we agreed to join up with a group traveling from Prague at the local gas station. As it turned out, they had 2 gas stations at Ricany en we ended up at the wrong one, of course. Eventually, we joined up and rode together with our other Czech Bros. In Podebrady we crossed the swollen Elbe and there, Radim Chotebore and Mirek Jarmila of Kutna Hora were waiting for us. It was very pleasing and a beautiful feeling to see the 4 Valkyries riding along each other. Our 11 bikes attracted a lot of attention of the other spectators and bikers, who praised our machines. In Sraz, we held our first informal meeting of members and founded the VRCC. Around 14:00, we slowly began shifting towards home. The journey back took place in a relaxed pace in light rain that reminded us that this is actually April. Anyway, we rode 160 km that day and the muddy bike was clearly a testimony of the fact that the season has begun!

VRCC Czech Republic First Ride – Podebrady

In the following years, many more ride outs followed. Here is a small and far from complete impression.

In May Rosta organized a trip to the cellar, just like the first meeting after the winter months, but also to celebrate 1 year of club activities. The meeting place was chosen in the village of Pavlov area of Mikulov in the cozy wine cellar with a willing cellar-man. There was plenty of wine, food and fun too, I would like to add! However, despite promises, participation of many friends was only half the expected number. From the club: Roman, Rosta, Radim, and Ferda. And not to forget our friends and fans of Libor (remembering a tear in your eye for years with F6C), Radka and friends from Poland Kapiszon and Ola. The weather was fine, and thanks to the excellent organization by Rosti (sorry, no motorcycles, due to an accident) it was a very positive event.
There are also important things for the club: a year after the establishment and management of the club affairs, Roman resigned as President, which was even announced on the radio. We wish him all the best for his enthusiasm, strong nerves and a hand in the club! (Novel).

Cellar Trip

Visit from our German Bros                                                                                                      Donut contest



Spring Meeting Burcák

Podebrady Visit to Braunschweig (D)

2009 Burcák – 18- 20 September 2009
As in last autumn, Dragon organization chose “half-fermented wine” as theme for the VRCC open meeting. Thanks to moving to an earlier date, the weather was beautiful and the meeting was attended by about 40-50 friends on powerful machines.
We visited the museum in Strážnice and the visit was very informative. Pity that some people ate demonstration samples of tasty cuisine products, so after we left there was a sign on the door – ” We do not admit Motorcycle Bikers”, LOL. The evening was held with a lively disco with fireworks and roast pig, which unfortunately soon looked more like a roast Greyhound.
Quite a calorie bomb! (Novel).

Borneo Tronícek 21 Valkyries and Trikes Podebrady


Winter Meeting

Bike Blessing Burcák

Rune Day

Shark’s BD Valhalla Voyage visit by Austrian Chapter                                                    Javůrecká rock night

In 2012, the Riders from Moravia decided to start their own Chapter and website.

Pres Stanley and Vice Donatelo of VRCC Czech Republic together with Vice Taxifára and Member Franta of VRCC Moravia


Wedding of Blekin’s daughter

This pic was taken during EU Inzane VI in 2012

Editor’s Note
Inzanes will be discussed in the following part

In 2013, the VRCC Club members organized a collection to help people affected by the heavy floods
A full story in Czech can be seen on

YouTube clip of Borneo 2013 Ride out – Čičik Video
I found a record cable tv Mladé Buky from our action, Czech Republic-Borneo VRCC 2013. I enjoyed it very much!



Summer Meeting


Celebrating 10 years of VRCC Czech Republic

Javůrecké pig-sticking.
We participated at the invitation of Ivo’s and other friends from Javůrek’s. About 2 min. upon arrival we had our plates full of stew, haggis and greaves. And then it continued throughout the afternoon, evening and even morning with the addition of sausages, prdelačky, cuttings and other aficionados pig goodies. Superfatted stomachs were properly washed down with beer and plum brandy (Javůrečáci traditionally “green”). I guess we all were pretty mixed up with cholesterol levels, but it was worth it and Ivo, Magda and all others who put their hand to the plow nothing less but to punch great praise and thanks. Thanks!


VRCC Birthday Run for children affected by cerebral palsy


12th Anniversary of VRCC Czech Republic in Ostrov, attended by 46 Riders

Follow Ddrak’s extensive trail with his photo gallery 2007 – 2014

Prague Show 2008

Horní Náměstí in Olomouc

Moravia Chapter





Vyjížďka na I. Zraze VRCC Slovakia.
Kamera DRIFT HD170 namontovaná na rámu motorky.

Take a look at the very nice VRCC Moravia Photo Gallery


2016 Roman – Legendy Exhibition Prague
I managed to organize the participation of Valkýria at the prestigious LEGENDY exhibition held in Prague Bohnice. Public participation abundant – There were 8 Valks plus 6 from the Moravian chapter.
I thank Franto Grod for his involvement and organization! The weather surprisingly improved, so there was plenty of action. Thank you all for your participation.


Slovakia Chapter
Multilingual Website


During a VRCC Poland Meeting, Slovakian F6C Riders Billy and Andrew decided to establish a VRCC Slovakia Chapter.

The VRCC Slovakia Chapter became official.
The 10 founding members were Billy, Toni, Andrew, Erika, Peter, Mino, Jane, Firka, Nandy ml., Nanda st. Chapter Presidents were Billy and Andrej.
A Website was made and Billy announced the creation of the new Chapter to Gale Scalzi of VRCC US and Andy of VRCC EU.
The club emblem was designed and members would wear it in Slovakia and abroad.

A problem arose when Slovakia signed in the VRCC logo. Font and color were similar to another Slovakian MC. As a result, the Slovakia characters were changed.

After long and difficult negotiations (Billy RAST), the new VRCC Slovakia characters were approved and respected by all the MC clubs in Slovakia. It was also agreed to place small pins and patches on the club vest.

Status VRCC Slovakia
VRCC Slovakia is an independent Honda Valkyrie Club and Chapter of the EU- and worldwide VRCC.
The Club organizes an annual international meeting in early May, called VRCC Slovakia: Season Open.
VRCC Slovakia participates in rallies of other VRCC Chapters in Europe and in the EU Inzane meeting and respects the MC’s and their tradition in Slovakia and around the world.
We respect and have good relationships with the Hells Angels Slovakia.

International meetings VRCC Slovakia

First meeting VRCC Slovakia. Jahodna, SK. 115  participants

Video I.Zraz VRCC SK – Jahodná III.
28.4. – 1.5. 2011 Jahodná, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Czech Republic, VRCC Polska, VRCC Russia, VRCC Slovakia.

Slovakian Goose Roast. Grob, SK. 52 participants from 3 countries: AT, CZ
During this meeting the Valhalla Voyage artifacts were passed on from VRCC Czech Republic to VRCC Slovakia.
Video VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2011

Bike Games

Video VRCC Slovakia: Bike Games 2011, Jahodná, SK

Second meeting in New Tekov, SK. 62 participants

Video VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2012
25.5. – 27.5.2012, Ranč u Bobiho, Nový Tekov, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Austria, VRCC Czech Republic, VRCC Slovakia

Bike Games


Season Open in New Tekov, SK. 86  participants

VideoVRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2014
9.5. – 11.5. 2014, Nový Tekov, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Austria, VRCC Czech Republic, VRCC Czech Republic chapter Moravia, VRCC Italia, VRCC Slovakia, CBO Germany.

Season Open, Nový Tekov, SK. 70  participants

Nice video VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2015 /5th Anniversary
8.5 – 10.5. 2015, Ranč u Bobiho, Nový Tekov, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Austria, VRCC Czech Republic, VRCC Czech Republic chapter Moravia, VRCC France, VRCC Polska, VRCC Slovakia. HOG Prešov, RFMC Slovakia.


Season Open, Michalovce, SK. 91 participants

Video VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2016
6.5 – 8.5. 2016, hotel Mousson, Michalovce, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Austria, VRCC Czech Republic chapter Moravia, VRCC France, VRCC Polska, VRCC Slovakia.

Season Open 2016 Armwrestling by Pavel Klima

VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2016 – Armwrestling

Season Open , Nová Lehota, SK. 101 86 participants

Video VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2017
5.5 – 7.5. 2017, hotel Inovec, Nová Lehota, Slovakia.
Participants: VRCC Austria, VRCC Czech Republic, VRCC Czech Republic chapter Moravia, VRCC France, VRCC Germany, VRCC Italy, VRCC Polska, VRCC Slovakia, Crossroad Bikerorden MC.

Poster of the 2017 Piestany Meeting

Nice video of SO by Gerd Schimetzki
Ausfahrt Slowakei 2018 bei schönsten Wetter

Season Open 2018 Slow Ride Winner by Pavel Klima

VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2018 – Slow ride
Winner: Mauro VRCC Italy

Season Open 2018 Joint Ride to Shooting Range by Pavel Klima

VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2018 – spoločný výjazd na strelnicu

Season Open 2018

Poland Chapter

Editor’s Note
Many thanks to Luzik for his excellent assistance with the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Poland Chapter history

VRCC Poland Chapter

 2003  –  The beginning of Polish VRCC history …

In the year 2003 many motorcyclist rode Valkyries.  Within an area, they already knew each other : Admirał, Skała, S2-Marek, Hrabia, Mustang, Fidel, Piotr-Jerzy, Daro, Kapiszon, Jaro, Dario, Jurek, Viper, Istvan, Soprano and many others.
As always in such situations, there is a need for this „one” person, who converts plans and dreams into reality.  The most willing at that time to do something  were Dudi, Skała and Dario.
It was in October 2003  however, that Kamil, Broda, Dudi and Hrabia decided to materialize those plans and they created a Polish VRCC Chapter.

Kamil, later known as Wolf took up the founding task,

THE CLUB was created and the colours of VRCC US with upper hanger Poland were adopted.

Since 2004, every week there were meetings of club members and supporters in the restaurant at Istvan in Warsaw. More and more people turned up and after a short while this place became too small.
In April 2004 a newspaper article about the club also contributed to more interest in Valkyrie motorcycle and club.

The first club opening meeting in 2004

At the top from the left:             Istvan, Siwy, Jaro, Idalia, Mlody, Marcin, Hrabia, Broda, Tomek, Dario, Ozzy, Janka, Iza, Janusz, Dudi, Admiral
Below:                                Wolf, Ania, Wojtek, Kapizon with wife, Viper with wife, Skala, son of Dario, Chobot, Tadeo, Ygo, Marzena, Dudie’s wife.


May 2004 Kaszuby – 1st Nationwide Rally of VRCC Poland Chapter
The organizer was Dario from Gdynia – 14 motorcycles came for the rally: Wolf, Dario, Jurek, Ozzy, J-23, Soprano, Broda, Piotr-Jerzy, Tomek, Marcin, Admiral, Luzik, Tadeo, Istvan.

August 2004 – Vienna

For the club it was the first trip abroad – 15 bikes plus passengers.
Riding through the Czech Republic to Vienna was unforgettable. These days were very hot;  we can still remember how Admirał rode in shorts and flip-flops (although we do not recommend it).
The participants were Wolf, Tadeo, Ad,iral, Waldi (Kraków),Waldek (Guru), Zbyszek, Pawel, Jaro, Wojtek, Jeffrey, Istvan, Luzik, Jacek, Pilot and Darek (Ciechanów).
We performed together for the first time as a club abroad. It was a time of making contacts, first acquaintances and making plans for the future.

4 December 2004 Warsaw – First General Meeting of the club VRCC Poland Chapter
Attended by 24 members. A set of rules regulating the club’s life was adopted. The president and club council were elected for 2005.

Board of VRCC Poland:
Wolf         President Warszawa
Jacek       Vice President Poznań
Jeffrey     Vice President Warszawa
Ozzy        Vice President Gdańsk
Broda      Chronicler Warszawa
Pilot        Treasurer Warszawa

A schedule of meetings and trips for 2005 was also adopted:
Club opening of the 2005 – Bemowo- Warsaw by Ygo
Support at Maciej’s wedding in June by Maciej and Jacek
II National Rally of VRCC Poland 2005  in Bieszczady  in June by  Dudi, Marek, Skała, Dario
Thor’s Hammer Poland – Jeffrey, Jacek, Ozzy, Kamil, Broda
Rally in Germany by VRCC Germany
Rally Faak Am See
Wedding of Jeffrey and Agata

April 2005 – Marcin and Ania rode to the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
They rode in the sun, rain and even in the snow. In 4 days, they travelled over 3800 km from Warsaw to Rome and back.

May 26, 2005 – Thor’s Hammer in Poland
By Jeffrey, Jacek, Ozzy and Kamil.
On May 14 Thor’s Hammer was picked up from VRCC Austria at the border in Cieszyn.
TH travelled all over Poland and by ferry through the Baltic Sea. Then the Hammer was handed over to the VRCC Chapter Sweden in Karlskrone.

Ozzy and holding the „hammer”, Gryzzly.

June 2005 II National Meeting of VRCC Poland
The organizers were Dudi, S2 Marek.
Present for the first time: Tomo, Virus.

September 2005 –  Outdoor picnic
Organized by Chobot plus Arsen, Hrabia, Marek, Wolf(Kamil) and Ygo

September 2005 – Wedding of Jeffrey

The members of the club provided assistance

October 2005 – End of season Rally in Jura
Organized by Arsen, Marek and Jeffrey plus S2Marek, Kapiszon, Jaro, Grzegorz, Ygo and Robert.

December 2005 – The General Meeting of VRCC Poland Chapter in Warsaw
At this meeting Kamil resigned as President of the club.  Tomo was elected as the new President.

May 2006 –  Gifhorn, Germany
Participants were : Arsen, Tomo, Luzik, Ygo, Ozzy, Janek, Zbyszek, Ania, Beata, Janka, Ola, Ania.
During the Rep Meeting an idea arises to organize the first European Rally called EU Inzane, like in the US.
Tomo, Luzik and  Beata proposed to hold the 1st Inzane in Poland .

May 2006 Poznań – III National Rally VRCC Poland Chapter
By Jacek.
The club is growing more and more. During this rally Dex, Tuga and Mike became new members.

August 2006 Graz  Meeting in Austria
Participants were Arsen, Tomo, Luzik, Zbyszek, Misiek, Dex

September 2006 – End of Season Chłapowo
By Mizjo. New members : Nico, Eda, Misiek, Yorgus, Paweł

December 2006 – General Meeting VRCC Poland Chapter
In Osieck by Luzik and Tomo.
At that meeting all Chapter and organization issues of Inzane were discussed.
The chapter now had over 50 members. During this meeting,  disagreements  about the direction and future of the club are beginning to appear with new leaders, new ideas and initiatives.
The result was the division and creation of a new chapter in May 2006 – VRCC Polska.

June 2007 – Karpacz – 1st Inzane
Organizated by VRCC Poland and Beata, Luzik and Tomo.
Valkyries from all over Europe came over in the rain as of Thursday.
Over 240 participants. The meeting lasted for 3 days and was full of sensations –  country dancing, mime show,  ‘ladies’ underwear show, performance of two bands, magic show, a costume parade… It was an unforgettable meeting and rally.

Editor’s Note
Inzanes are discussed in more detail in the next paragraph.

June 2007
After Inzane, the Board of VRCC Poland – Wolfa (Kamil) and Tomo took the decision to change club colors from „red” to „black”.


July 2007
A part of the VRCC Poland members decided to have their own Chapter located mainly in the North, so in the future Poland had three Chapters.


Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Poland Chapter


Poland Chapter Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club now consisted of:
Wolf as President, Tomo as Vice President, Luzik, Super Arsen, Waldek-Guru, Tadeo, Pilot, Zbyszek & Galewic, Maciek & Wroclawia, Maro, Nomad and Cezary


In July 2007 we celebrated the wedding of Pilot’s daugther

September 2007 – Koziolkowo – by Cezary Wolf, Tomo, Luzik z Beata, Cezary z Beata, Tadeo, Waldek

ZS Puck – meeting with Northern Raiders Tomo, Luzik & Beata, Arsen & Ania, Waldek, Maciek, Cezary & Beata


April OS Katowice – Jasna Góra by Waldek-Guru Waldek-Guru: mega happy with his 100 000 km on Valkyrie

InZane in Braunschweig – Wollf, Tomo, Luzik & Beata, Waldek-GURU, Maro, Cezary & Arsen

International Meeting Kotlina Klodzka by Maciek

Friends from VRCC Austria and VRCC Germany for the first time in Maruda z Grazynka ….

Budapest by Maciek z Iwona

Leba – Bytów meeting with Northern Raiders by Wolf

September 2008 Sandomierz – 80-tki Maro i Arsen by Maro


Offroad w Koziolkowie by Waldek, Cezary i Dudi

OS Ustron – Czestochowa by Waldek i Cezary

Brewery in Zywiec                                                                                          InZane III in Kouvola, Finland – Wolf z Iza, Pilot, Waldek, Arsen, Maro,
Cezary, Spyder, LaRoch, Endrju, Tuga Northern Raiders, Julian z Irena,
Dudek z Aga, Marek „Lajza”

During InZane in Finland we celebrated the 5th anniversary of VRCC Poland

ZS Kazimierz Dolny by LaRoch – Wolf, Tadeo, Waldek-Guru, Arsen, Pilot, Maciek, Maro-Nomad, Cezary, Maruda, Murzunek, LaRoch and Prospects: Jaro, Spyder, Endrju

Year 2009 was good for all of us, together we rode over 100 000 km, with Murzynek in the lead with 25.000 km and Waldek-Guru deserved a „silver star” for his 134 000 km on the Valkyrie

Editor’s Note – Stars
It is a custom in Poland that every Rider who completes 10.000 km on his Valkyrie, is eligible for a star that should be worn on his/her vest.
To get the star however, it should be extracted from the bottom of a filled glass…

Pilot has written and sung the song „Gaz do oporu”
Wojciech Gaworski – “PILOT” – Gaz do Oporu
Song Gaz do oporu

Opening of the season in Dobczyce

.                                                                                                                                                                           What a nice line-up

InZane Bussang France

Valkyrie Poland FG was represented by Maciek and Endrju

Maruda & Grejs – the trip to Gibraltar and to Cape St. Vincent
Travelled 9.000km in 19 days (of which 6.000km inof rain)
In 19 days they traveled to France, Spain and Portugal.

Wedding day of Lary – January 2010                                                                                                          Congratulations to the young couple

January 2010 in Borneo – Czech Republic – Waldek-Guru, Luzik, Maciek, Maro i Cezary

Faak am See, Austria

Editor’s Note
Faak am See is a small village located at the most southern lake in Austria. Every year, there is a bike week with over 50.000 bikes. You can compare it with Daytona/Sturgis if you like. It is mainly a HOG event.

Szklarska Poręba

Summary of the year 2010:
Club VRCC Poland Chapter has 14 Member’s:
Wolf – Kamil, Tadeo, Guru, Arsen, Pilot, Maciek, Maro – Nomad, Cezary, Maruda, Murzynek, LaRoch, Spyder, Jaro, Grzegorz
4 Prospekt’s: Endrju, Mamro, Aurel, Mefisto
Cezar did 21.000 km on his bike and winner of the best mileage achievement

On 9 April 2011 there was a congress of Polish Motocycles Clubs
On this congress a new Valkyrie Chapter was founded: Valkyrie Warsaw/Śląsk (Silesia) Chapter

InZane 2011 Sweden

Visted by Klej, Maro, Guru, Endrju i Hiszpan                                                     On the bridge from Denmark to Sweden – 16 km

End of season 2011 Przysucha
We slept in small unheated houses, which turned out to be quite a problem, because the temperature at night dropped below zero.
So, we drank, we danced to warm up, we drank again and danced again …

Maro has rode 23 000km and won the MAX 2011 badge.

The clubyear 2011 finished with the meeting in Polichno on 3 December.

In 2011 there were a lot of changes:
the Management Board was expanded to include the Vice-President – Klej and Sergeant – Maruda.
The Rules, Rituals and Traditions of the Valkyrie Club were finally written.
Mamro became the treasurer.
There are now 14 Member’s, 3 Prospects and 1 Honorary Member – Pilot

Each of them has his own private and professional life, unrelated to the Club, but they share one thing: Love for motorcycles and riding the Valkyrie…
And above all – for a short time, forget about the troubles, problems and worries of everyday life and feel the feedom that a ride on a motorcycle gives you



Club’s life rolled from opening seasons to end of seasons – Opening Season in Olkusz

Our wives and girlfriends are very much involved as well

We have a habit of parking our Valkyries in a perfect line

Inzane in the Czech Republic                                                                                                       Wedding of Tamago3 in Dobrodzieniu

Teambuilding                                                                                                                                     Chapter Bytow was born

The new tradition of our club – Valkyrie tattoo

June 2013 Our trip to Rumuni with Klej, Guru, Maro, Spyder and Murzynek

Transfogarska and Transalpina roads Visit to Warsaw

Our first ride in 2014 to Ustroń

2014 was an important year for our club. Kamil (Wolf) has given up to be a president and member of chapter. So, in September 2014 the new President was chosen:

Nomad was elected President, Vice President – Cezik, Secretary – Mamro, Sargent – Maruda, Road Captain – Spyder

We finished the season in Kietlice


Year 2015 we started in Tleń Bory Tucholskie organized by Cezik and Julian from Świecko.

Our trip to Inzane 2015 France by Nomad, Cezik, Guru


.                                                                                                                                                                       Christmas dinner 2016 in  Borkowo


Roztocze 2017 – First time since 2007 together with members of VRCC Polska

and a gift from President VRCC Polska Angie…

Rest In Peace

On the way home from Roztocze, our Vice President Cezik died on the road.
Goodbye Brother and see you on the heavenly highways ……


At the end of 2017 ValkyrieFG had 9 Member’s:

Nomad President,
Guru V-ce President
Mamro Secretary
Maruda Sgt. at Arms
Spyder Road Captain
Tadeo, La Roch, Grzegorz, Frendzel

2 Prospect’s: Murzynek, Tamago3


OS Kietlice with perfect Wx and company. Murzynek i Tamago3 are full members…now we have 11 Members

Editor’s Note
As mentioned earlier, VRCC Poland which was founded by Wolf in 2003  fell apart in 3 Chapters in 2007.
As a result, Wolf carried on with Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Poland Chapter and 2 new Chapters, VRCC Polska and VRCC Poland Northern Riders were founded.

VRCC Polska (multilingual)
.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Angie

VRCC Polska Pic Gallery,144-.html

2007 – Posmyk

2007 – Czestochowa


Nice VRCC Polska vid on Facebook
Film z przeglądem roku Vrcc

2007 Tuga-Torun

2010 Karpacz 4 by Czech Republic

Karpacz 4

IV.zraz VRCC Polska (Boleslawiec Rally by VRCC Slovakia)

IV.zraz VRCC Polska 2010

2011 5th VRCC Polska Meeting (Video may not show in some countries due to copyright issues)

…..and some more Great Pics
Arłamów 2011 – Orzeł

2012 5th Anniversary VRCC Polska (Video may not show in some countries due to copyright issues)

Fireworks (Video may not show in some countries due to copyright issues)

2017 Trip Report by Ivo
On 7 July 2017, the 10th anniversary of the Polish VRCC was celebrated. The preparation and journey here was in itself a small party. On Monday, July 4, Gerd Schimetzki from Germany joined me at home to start the next day together with our trip to Poland. We had chosen to avoid all motorways.
The first stage led us to the Heidehotel Ana where we were very kindly received. The carport was cleared so our bikes could be accommodated. After a well-deserved meal, we both went to bed in time.
The next day early on the bike, even though this was the shortest stretch in the route. On the way we would still pick up Frank Kletzsch from Warnemünde (Rostock).
Here we arrived at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The motorbikes were described by the receptionist at the start as “Hochwertiger Metal” (hi value metal) and were allowed to stay overnight on the platform outside the door. As long as we kept the road free for the fire department.
As a result of the early arrival we decided to enjoy the weather and visit the beach.

It turned out that we just walked into a party on the promenade and of course, who would we be different, we enjoyed it to the fullest. Frank arrived out of work the same evening around 10 o’clock.
After a good night’s sleep, we left for Poland the next day. Then the party really started in terms of riding.

First, we took a ferry in Warnemünde and then on the Polish road surface. That went pretty well in the beginning. Until we decided that we were smarter than Garmin and promptly went in the wrong direction. So, we experienced everything that day, from asphalt to panzer Bahn, from potholes to no road anymore. Eventually we arrived at our next hotel at 10 o’clock in the evening. Tired and starving. Of course, the kitchen was closed. We did however receive the address of restaurant Jolka, very friendly and a pleasure for the senses.

Tired but satisfied we rode back to the hotel after dinner and jumped in our bed.
The day enroute to Zamek, Gert decided somewhere along the way that my Garmin was wrong and that he was right. Because of the day before and some stress, he decided to follow his nav kit. Frank and I arrived at the hotel Zamek at 3 o’clock, where we received a very warm welcome. And yes, the Polish schnapps is deadly. An hour later, Gert called to ask for the right address. He was now in the neighborhood but did not know the last part.

What an incredibly friendly people there are in Poland, we were welcomed and new friendships were made.
And to my surprise, we just entered a Polish Miss election. Had a good meal that evening, followed by a modest party and did not go to bed too late.
The next day the Polish had a joint ride to a dam. Quite impressive. But the roads left a lot to be desired.
Coming back again everything was taken care of and after this fun the complete VRCC group was invited at the actual election table. A feast for the eyes.

In the evening we had dinner together in the knight’s hall. Some momentos were handed out together with the necessary speeches.
The Valhalla cups have been transferred from Czech hands to Polish hands. After everyone had a chat to each other for a while, we went to bed quietly. On Sunday we all had to go home again.
We left around 10:30. This time without Gerd, due to family circumstances. He had already left at six o’clock. Frank and I once again enjoyed the landscape and the roads, this time with far fewer potholes.
Because we were so fast, we rode to Warnemünde and we did not make an extra stop in Poland. Had dinner there and stayed overnight.
On Monday, the last day the weather turned bad. For that reason we took the highway. 100 km prior to Hamburg it started raining heavily until Bremen. Frank had already left for his house at Hamburg. And then rain is suddenly no longer fun anymore. I was at home at six o’clock in the evening. Tired but satisfied.
I really met some hospitable and very kind people in Poland.

2017 End of the Season Ride Nowogrod

Northern Riders


2007 – Toruń.
The first Rally of Northern Riders was held in Tuga in the city Toruń

2007 – Puck Bursztynia
The end of the Season. It was an unforgettable happening. Thanks to the fact that one of our club members was a navy commander, we had the opportunity to visit a submarine.
Anyone who wanted to, could go inside and get to know the life of sailors. BTW, it was a ship in active service, not a museum.

2007 – Santas on motorcycles
One of the traditions of our club is participation in the “Santa’s on motorcycles” action. This time the weather was good – around 0 C, but there was no rain or snow. As you can see, the turnout was good, and the Valkyrie, as usual, got a lot of attention and interest.

2008 – Jajcarnia

1st Open Rally of Northern Riders – Bytów
This time we visited Bytów, a beautiful place. Apart from our club, members of VRCC Poland came to the rally as well. Two days of fun passed quickly and there was hardly time for sleep

Arm-wrestling competition – Mike was not to beat..!

The police was inexorable, if you use motorcycle sirens while driving, there is no forgiveness !!!!!

2008 – Bursztynia
This time we visited a beautiful restaurant located on the beach by the Baltic Sea. The local band was playing for us, the trumpets were making a lot of noise !!!!

2009 – Bemowo
This time we visited Warsaw. As the pictures are showing no words are needed…

2009 – Michelinki

R.I.P Farewell to Gryzzly – 5 December 2009

Gryzzly, as the name suggests was a great motorcyclist. A man with a big heart and humor.
He was with us from the beginning of the Northern Riders and one of those Riders who always
put a good mood into companionship…

2009 Pułtusk – End of Season Northern Riders

2010 – Inzane France

2013 – The End of VRCC Northern Riders
Unfortunately, sometimes the time is unrelenting. Several members of N.R. sold their bikes, some began to ride in a different circle closer to where they lived and others moved out of the country. All this caused that the Chapter officially decided to quit …But some of us still ride with fondness and actively participate in the Valkyrie rallies and meetings and in European InZanes ..

VRCC Dragons Polska

Created by Jaroslaw Jarek on 2 May 2018
The Honda F6C Valkyrie is our passion. Our goal is to ride on the F6C, meetings and contacts with VRCC colleagues and not only. We invite you to ride together and have fun.

2018 – Party at VRCC Czech Republic by Jarosław Jarek
Super kapela i super zabawa. VRCC CZ.

Switzerland Chapter and

Area Reps

Generisches Platzhalter-Bild  Generisches Platzhalter-Bild  Generisches Platzhalter-Bild
Walter Nussbaum – East        Andy Burren – Mid          Albert Wettstein – West and Tessin

At the beginning of January 2001, Switzerland started with eight members as Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club. With the founding of Chapter Switzerland and the publication of its own Swiss VRCC website in December that same year, a lot has changed. On October 1, 2004, the website was redesigned for the first time and revised in 2010 once again. This caused the number of members in Switzerland to increase to more than 80 and we are still growing. The local rides are very popular and at the European meetings more and more Swiss Valkyrie Riders are to be found.
On January 1, 2009, Frédéric Weil from Adliswil became the head of VRCC Switzerland.
Every year, the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Switzerland plans to have local rides and on the first Sunday of May, participate in the “Love Ride” in Dübendorf.
We welcome spontaneous activities such as rides, meetings and excursions that each member can propose and organize. New members are always welcome!

Frédéric has now resigned and VRCC Switzerland is run by Walo, together with Albi and Andy (Blackhawk). The current website has gotten a bit old. Therefore, a brush-up is announced here as well. Walo is in the process of designing the new website. As long as it is still in the making, Frédéric will continue to feed the existing website.

The 14th edition of InZane 2020 will take place in Switzerland. This will probably be in the canton of Vaud (Leysin). The information will be activated early on.

2010 – Graubünden / Maiensäss

2013 Welschland


2018 Photo Impression July Trip


Latvia Chapter

.       Stas Bervyachonok

VRCC Latvia was founded in 2008 by Stas Bervyachonok and has 4 active members.
Perhaps small in numbers all 4 are esteemed guests and valued friends who participate in almost every major EU VRCC event, riding an average distance between LA and Dallas or more each time. Rain or shine. Now that’s a true VRCC spirit.

Russia Chapter (2018 change/english version) or Facebook

This site is for those who love the Honda Valkyrie motorcycle and want to learn more about the machine.
Members are people who ride these cool bikes and try to unite!!!
In the future, all kinds of help and advice on repair and maintenance of Valkyrie motorcycles are planned, based on personal experience and the experience of other people.
The new (2018) website reflects the official VRCC objectives.

VRCC Russia has 150 members

Editor’s Note
Valkyrie Riders from Russia have participated in many EU VRCC Meetings and Inzanes as early as in 2002 during the Heerlen Meeting in the Netherlands.

2012 Welcome to the First Russian Rally 2012 on 12-15 July 2012, Moscow, “Aerostar” hotel

It will take place in the most beautiful and crazy city of Moscow
This rally is a must see rally. Are you ready for unforgettable journey and great party?
We’ve got three action packed days filled with awesome racing, the best bike games and contests, the roar of the bikes, and you can’t miss our joint ride at night in Moscow and a visit to the Vorobievy mountains, a picturesque place where all Moscow bikers meet.
3 days of fun, non-stop music, dancing, drinking absolutely FREE beer and vodka, bands and stage shows and of course, a lot of beautiful girls, all trying to win the ‘Miss Valkyrie’ title.
You can enjoy a safe ride escorted by policemen along Moscow. Our event also includes a barbeque, entertainment, prizes and other activities.

Moscow Valkyrie Riders on TV by Аида Багирова – Nice Video

2013 Borodino

Statue in memory of the defeat of Napoleon’s army in 1812

I presume there is no need for a license plate when you ride a Valkyrie in Moskow

2013 Dubna

VRCC Russia had arranged to do a EU Inzane in St Petersburg.
Unfortunately, the event went sour when politics at that time kicked in.
VRCC UK took over and organized the 2014 Hinckley Inzane Meeting instead.

2015 Opening Season

[img width=500 height=374][/img] [img width=300 height=374][/img]

2015 Obryvalin Vitaly – VRCC Russia Trip to Minsk

VRCC Russia Поездка в Минск 2015

2016 закрытие сезона (closing season)
On September 23, 2016, we closed the motor season, traditionally in Shakhtar, but a day earlier we were going to ride around Moscow at night. Just a short review of these events …
VRCC Russia закрытие сезона 2016 (Long) or VRCC Russia закрытие сезона 2016

Traffic Lines

2017 VRCC Russia/Moskow Trip

2018 – 1 Feb Meeting

Very nice video – Opening season 2017

EU Inzane 2010 – Bussang, France



Inzane 2010 was organized by Association Inzane France (président FiFi Legnat – Trésorier L’Amiral CoCo – Secrétaire Yann)

Fifi (translated by Beer)
Inzane 2010 will take place at the Azureva Holiday Center of Bussang in the Vosges. – capacity is 400 beds.
It includes three dining rooms, a giant bar, four showrooms (for sponsors, an entertainment room (concert, show or other with integrated sound), a pool, a sauna etc. Finally, all what is necessary to welcome 400 bikers.
The rooms are mostly double, plus some dormitory rooms for singles (5 to 6 max).
The dates chosen are convenient for the French and the Germans since it’s Ascension Day 2010 i.e. 13, 14, 15 and 16 May 2010.
To participate in this fourth European Inzane, you must be a member of the VRCC and / or be the owner of a Honda Valkyrie/Rune or an F6C or body-specific derivatives of these motorcycles (Trike , Side).
One of the two previous prerequisites is enough to validate an inscription.
To organize this Inzane, we created an association called INZANE France under the French 1901 Law .
The association is a non-profit organization and aims for F6C Riders to make demonstrations or discoveries of the regions of France . All members participating in Inzane will be temporary members of this association.

Permanent members are:

The Glode
Adm Coco
Photos and films of the event.
Photos and road traffic.
Route management.
English and Italian translation.
Computer and computer graphics.
Management of German, Austrian and German translation forums.
Secretary association and management of  European forums in English language.
Treasurer of the association, collections and payments.
President of the association, management of reservations and sponsors.

Even if they are not permanent members of the association, the Alsatians (area members) will be consulted regularly for the necessary information, thanks everyone for the work already accomplished: Tchoumes, Dany, Rocky and Anatole.
We will certainly need, as every year, experienced Riders to run the services on the grounds of the holiday center but also on the road carrying reflective vests.

Fourth Inzane will take place on May 13th,14th 15th and 16th, 2010 at Bussang, in one of the most beautiful areas of France : Alsace , close to the German border.


Thursday :
– 2.00pm to 8.00 p.m.: Meeting of the VRCC members and registration at vacation centre AZUREVA, road of Larcenaire, 88540 BUSSANG – Access
– 8:00 pm diner
– 10:00 pm: welcome meeting and explanation of the program of the following days.
Friday :
– 7:00 am to 9:00am : Breakfast.
– 9:00 am to10:00 am : Departure for a trip , freely choosen among 5 courses selected for you. A cold meal for lunch will be delivered in the morning.
– 4:00 to 8:30 pm : the French hour of “ Aperitif”, the most difficult moment of the day, having to choose between to the swimming pool, the Sauna, the Bar, meeting members and visiting the sponsors.
– 8:00 pm : Alsatian typical dinner. –
– 10:00 pm : Spectacular evening!!!
Saturday :
– 7:00 am to 9:00am Breakfast.
– 9:30 : Starting the all together trip for a visit of the area of Bussang and Thann , passing by the ” Ballon d’ Alsace.”
– 12:00 : Local lunch with “ Flammekush”.
– 2:00: pm : Restarting of the convoy of the Valkiries.
– 4:00 pm : Visit of Thann and reception by the Mayor.
– 5:00 pm : End of the trip towards the Azureva center.
– 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm : ” Apéro”
– 8:00 : Dinner.
– 10:00 : Comic evening , prizes ceremony, ending speech….
Sunday :
– 7:00am to 9:30am : Breakfast
– 9:00 to 12:00 : the Valkyries go back to Valhalla !!!!!.

285 Riders attended Bussang with 178 bikes of which 149 were Valkyries.


Regisdom – Inzane 2010 Bussang
Video of the 2010 inzane in Bussang in the Vosges with people from all over Europe

Valkyrie Riders Slovakia – Inzane IV 2010 – Bussang, France
VRCC Slovakia and VRCC Czech Republic to the 4th European InZane in Bussang, France 2010

Fifi Legnat – Inzane Ride

Andy – 4th European InZane

Andy – Inzane 2010 – route des cretes
Bine and I on our way to the VRCC Meeting Inzane 2010 in Bussang France over the ‘Route des Cretes’. Many thanks to the organizers for this Meeting!

Cicik – Inzane IV 2010 Bussang,%20France/

stasvb – the BEST looking Valkyrie

Indoor show and spectacle                                                                                                       …by Fifi, Master of Ceremonies

.                                                                                      Best looking bike presentation


Saturday’s Group Ride

Ceremony                                                                                                        Ronnie, always a pleasure to have around. Later at night, he snorts
.                                                                                                                       brandy through a straw in his nose. Don’t try this at home; it hurts like hell

Power, distinction and elegance from Poland

Nice pics by Ddrak