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Besides local, state and cross country meetings, the VRCC Staff came up with a brilliant idea to pass on a token throughout the entire VRCC world community.

Thor’s Hammer
Both website adresses give an extensive overview of Thor’s Hammer schedules, handovers, events and pictures
or Gazette http://valkyrieriders.com/VBanner.htm

Thor’s Hammer was an effort to carry a token, being a hammer and banner across the World. There would be one Hammer and Banner, first carried through North America ending on July 21, 2004 in Paducah, Kentucky at InZane 4.
From there, the plan was to hand it off to a representative from Europe. After Europe, the Hammer would move on to any other country that wants to participate.
Australians have already expressed an interest in taking it on a trip around Down Under. Many other countries have expressed their desire to escort the Hammer, as well.
The relay kicked off from Southern California on January 24 2004. The goal was to have the relay/banner hit all the countries possible and have it back in time for InZane 5.

A little history to bring you all up to speed
The original idea was to carry some token from SoCal to Maine. As our members read the idea, they came up with a new concept… to have it touch each state… which leads to making each of the extreme 4 corners of the U.S.
Then the Canadian’s came in, so now we’re going through each Province that borders the U.S. (except Manitoba, where we didn’t have anyone request to ride).
We were also contacted by our members in Europe, Australia, and many other countries… so the plan was revised again to include them.
The Token became a banner per members’ suggestions. A banner that could be signed by each rider and his companions who move the relay along.
Then a suggestion was made to have each state “pin” the cover of the banner… so, now we’re doing that too.
This idea took off like wild fire; it was growing so quickly, that we knew we had to get it going ASAP. So, things got put together as quickly as humanly possible and the banner hit the road on Sat, January 24th.

Workerbee and oZ make the first leg of the relay, sign it and hand it over to NautiBrit from SoCal

Thor’s Hammer Relay http://valkyrieriders.com/valkyrie_relay_home.htm – as in top
Website – as in top
First leg http://valkyrieriders.com/VBanner.htm#first_leg

Map of planned US & CAN route

Signed 8ft long Banners

Thor’s Hammer in Europe

Thor’s Hammer in the UK video with The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club

Map of planned EU route

…and of course, the signed EU Banners

Valhalla voyage
A Tribute to the Legendary Valkyrie by Willow

Vinland was the name given to an area of North America by the Norseman Leif Eriksson, about the year 1000 AD.
In 1960 archaeological evidence of Norse settlement in North America was found at L’Anse aux Meadows on the northern part of the island of Newfoundland, in what is now the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Although this proved conclusively the Vikings’ pre-Columbian discovery of North America, whether this exact site is the Vinland of the Norse accounts is still a subject of debate.
There is a consensus among scholars that the Vikings did reach North America, approximately five centuries prior to the voyages of Christopher Columbus and John Cabot.
Now it’s time to take our Voyage through lands that the Vikings traveled… That would include North America and Canada and Western Europe.

Editor’s Note
The bottle of wine sometimes accompanied the tokens but was no prerequisite during the handover

Valhalla Voyage was a relay across the world of a mug and banner with names and places.
Dag Verpeide of Norway had provided a pair of Viking Tankards. They quite appropriately had dragons as their handles.
We were planning to relay those around North America starting with the VRCC head office in San Dimas, California and ending at Inzane VIII in Johnson City, Tennessee.
The relay would also carry a VRCC banner and a log book of sorts that participants could sign and enter comments. A fabric bag was used in which to transport the banner to each state’s delegation.
They could, if they desired so, attach a state pin.
The objectives of the relay were twofold. The first was obviously to ferry the artifacts around the country, passing them through the hands of as many VRCC members as possibly.
In keeping with that goal, we had been posting updates on where the banner was along the way.
The second, and possibly more important goal, was to provide a reason for interaction, socializing, and the sharing of a common task between VRCC members throughout North America and the world.
Valhalla Main Page http://valkyrieriders.com/Valhalla/default.htm
A schedule had been forged, that kept the VRCC on track for Inzane VIII. Members were asked to keep an eye on it so they would know when the Voyage would pass through their area.

Planned handoff schedule US http://valkyrieriders.com/voyage/schedule.htm

This is the dragon mugs being passed from New England to Oss in Cold Spring NY

Oss and Alana taking the banner from NE crew in Danbury CT at the old Marcus Dairy from left G-man, Bonzo, Boz, Dynodave, Oss, RonBou, Danbury, Dalai-Lama

Texas Summary
Nice and complete overview, pictures, etc

The Valhalla tokens were handed over from oZ to Hannes and Spreemaikl during InZane 2008 in the U.S.
They carried the voyage to Europe to continue their mission.
In Europe, these volunteers waited impatiently for their turn