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Bevan Bradford, Secretary Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

In contrast with other WW GW Clubs, the GW1500C Valkyrie down under was recognized straight away as belonging to the GW family.
One of the objects of the Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc is in part to “promote recognition of the needs of Goldwing and Valkyrie riders”. To be an ordinary member of the Association, you must be the owner/rider of any of the Goldwing or Valkyrie models.
As an Association, we have been in existence since 1999. Our founding members were all Goldwing owners/riders but ensured our constitution accepted the inclusion of Valkyrie owners/riders as full ordinary members, as there were other Goldwing clubs which did not accept the membership of Valkyrie owners/riders.
Over the past 18 years, our membership has been almost 100% Goldwing owner/riders and as a founding member myself and without going back through all the individual membership records, I can only recall possibly two members who owned Valkyries.

Tony Russell

Tony Russell with his Valkyrie and CBX back in 1997, possibly the very first Valkyrie in Australia
There was 70 black ones built before the Bumblebee, some came to Australia after the first Bumblebee
We pulled it out of the crate, bolted it together then road it back to the Blue Mountains.

Shrubbo made some excellent video’s down under. A real pleasure to watch.

Three Amigo’s by 52 A Year
– Queensland and northern NSW
Our weekly “Day Break” ride. 3 mates, speaking poop, riding bikes, makes the working week worth it.

Road Trip – Texas
0:00 – Canungra to Casino. 3:35 – Casino to Tenterfield. 5:44 – Into a spectacular sunset on the way to Texas. 9:25 – One of the many crazy kanga’s and the story of the ride

Cruising Gibraltar
0:00 Canungra to Grafton 2:16 Gwydir Hwy 3:47 The Gibraltar Range

Various pics from Facebook Honda Valkyrie Australia

Phil Russell – Took the Interstate for a ride to the other side of the River before it got too hot today, The Nepean Belle heading down stream in the background.

Custom Valkyrie Pen, Choice of artwork, looks like a bullet, works like a bolt action rifle


GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images

Sydney Model Samantha Wilkinson stands behind a Honda 1832cc flat-six Valkyrie Rune super cruiser during the launch of the Sydney Motorcycle Show, 13 May 2004.
Honda’s Valkyrie Rune, which is making its Asia-Pacific debut, will join 21 other makes on display at the show which continues through to 16 May.

New Zealand Valkyrie Riders


Footage from the trip to the lighthouse
A little longer as its mostly at 1x speed (a little at 1.5x) to get a better view of the surroundings

glen rangi 22
Arrival at Paeroa Battle of the Streets race. Hundreds of bikes and we locate some spare grassy area in the local park.


Passmasters track day at Pukekohe Park Raceway
I got the opportunity to get out on one of the local tracks for a blast, Was a great day, I had a nightmare lead up to it with leaking fuel rails, brake issues and tire changes to do so some really late nights but I got there, somewhat tired but glad I did it, you get to know the lean angles before scrapping well….the boards took a bit of wear but with such a smooth surface not to much damage, Here are a few I took and same taken by the people running the training day

Another thing we did recently was hit the drag strip, this was to be a base run to later do it again to test the difference to times after the rejet etc……. but what it did do was point out I had an issue with floats as sitting in line waiting it was flooding, so of the line it stumbled and spluttered so Jeff on his VTX got a big jump start…..still managed to catch a couple of times and was getting higher top speeds most times…… but I will have to do it again, now the issues are fixed, times to beat and and all that (Oh at a VTX1800 to beat properly)

It was good fun 🙂

The day was put on by Kawasaki so they were free to enter so plenty of them there, but it was only $40 for everyone else…. a fun $40 it was

2017 – To the west coast town of Raglan

It was a brilliant winters day, a cool start but followed by an almost cloudless day. The river had dropped after the recent floods
The trip home we split of and did some back roads

A few pics from the BACA 100 mile ride
This ride was not a warm ride, one the daughter chose to miss and I am pleased she did as we had high winds, rain and hail, from the direction it was snowing 100 miles away…. so not pleasant!

We started out with 100 bikes (Not bad considering the forecast) but by the time we got to the first stop that had almost halved! I wasn’t going to go but with the bad forecast thought I better support them as the numbers would be down, the work I planned on the bike could wait

RATS ride (Riders against teen suicide)

That was a well-run ride that had around 500 bikes (a good size for over here)

Cold Kiwi mid-winter camping annual rally


Trip up to Whangarei for the last weekend of winter


A few Bike pose pics

Kim Kennerson – Ulysses national president
Kim has been riding since he got his licence on a Honda 175cc 34 years ago. He now has a 1520cc, six-cylinder Honda Valkyrie, an 1800cc Gold Wing and an undiminished passion for the road.
“Only a motorcyclist can describe this, but it’s a feeling of freedom,” he says. “You know, you’re out there and the wind’s blowing in your face, you’re going down a country road and you can smell the eucalyptus trees – it’s just a magical feeling.
The bike feels like an extension of your body.”
Kennerson’s passion is replicated thousands of times over at Coffs.