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Re: Website Inzane 2023 Finland

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De website van Inzane Finland is online

(Website adres gecorrigeerd😊)

Je vind er informatie, prijzen en registratie mogelijkheden.
Iedereen is van harte uitgenodigd voor dit unieke Treffen.
Meer informatie over de reis mogelijkheden volgt.
DOEN dus :D
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Re: Website Inzane 2023 Finland

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Trumppi heeft enkele mogelijkheden voor het reizen naar Finland voor je uitgezocht😊

Je komt toch ook naar Inzane 2023


Visiting Finland from Mid-Europe driving / riding & by ferry will cost You some money.

It’s up to you how you spend it.

Here is some tips how to do it.

Notice! All ferrycompanies have not published their summer-23 prices or timetables. So ALL prices here mentioned are not proof prices for june/july-23. Given as for 1 MC+2 prs.

Starting from most common:

Finnlines ferry : Travemunde – Helsinki - Travemunde

It is propably the fastest way.

One way economy 560e , windowcabin + 95e . No refund if cancelled, no chancing dates and no meals incl. 2 x MC+63e. Roundtrip 1008e / same rules.

For that you get 30h on a cargoship = it’s no amusementpark! Free 24/7 sauna.

I would say it is OK for one-way! But for a roundtrip in a week or so…maybe not

When NOT Finnlines & Travemunde, you must come thru another neighbouring country.

There is Tallinn-Helsinki ferry. Roundtrip 88e / 2h. But it depends, where youre located.

For that purpose, check also ferries Klaipeda/ Lithuania from Travemunde, Kiel, Rostock.

Klaipeda – Tallinn 615km.

If you choose Sweden, you have lots of choices:

Driving/riding DK-SE to Stockholm is some 900km.

Plus ferries from Fredrikshavn – Gothenburg

Helsingör- Helsingborg

Rostock – Trelleborg (E22 up the coastline is nice!)

Or the famous bridges

Good choice is Ferries to Stockholm:

Gdansk – Nynäshamn/Stockholm. 7 X week. 19 h. Appr. 300e

Rostock – Nynäshamn/Stocholm 2 X week 19h. Appr. 280e

In Stocholm you have again lots of choices.


You can ride up to Umeå and take ferry to Vaasa. 5H, 70e

Vaasa to Ikaalinen 180km.

Take Stocholm – Turku-ferry. 200Km from Ikaalinen.

Or take Helsinki ferry. It is a bit further from Inzane and costs more.

Or near & from Stokholm You can take ARCHIPELAGO ÅLAND-Route!

Archpelago is biggest of it’s kind on PlanetEarth! NatureBuilt of over 41.000 islands!

Ferry Finnlines Kapellskär – Mariehamn includes meals for appr. 70e.

The route Stocholm – Kustavi takes 1 overnite in either capital Mariehamn, or on the way in some countrystyle acommondation.

Route consists of semi-small asphalt countryroads, islands, bridges, 2 ferries, more islands and finally Kustavi. Some 210km / 3h from Ikaalinen.

Tickets for vessels needed cost 25-30e.

Creme de la creme choice for the same route, if you ride up from S:holm 115km to Grisslehamn for small 2h Ecerö-ferry to small Ecerö village.

OR ride it the other way around Kustavi - Stockholm on the way back…

The whole route takes appr.10h riding&ferries + of course novernite & your own stops.

Take your own time there!!

Route is popular at highseason, so ALL tickets & acommondation must be booked well forehand!!

Åland-route is reasonabely priced!!

Notice #2. If choosing any ferries, do not open your internet device onboard!! Without pre-paid ferry Wi-Fi connection.

Just opening the Satellite-internet on a ferry may costs you 60e minimum.



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